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Innovation Management: Meaning, Process, and Tool

What is innovation management? Innovation management is managing the implementation of new ideas. This process includes everything starting with idea generation, developing the idea, planning, and till the very implementation.   It works as a systematic roadmap to bring ideas to life. Innovation management deals with promoting idea generation and working to develop these ideas […]

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25 Business Ideas To Start a Business within 1000 Dollars

Today is the day we break the myth about how starting a business is always an expensive affair. All you need is just $1000. YES, you can start a business with 1000 dollars.   Read on to find an extensive list of 25 business ideas that will help you to start a business with 1000 […]

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The perfect way to cold email your investors

Cold-emailing can be difficult. Finding the perfect words that will ensure investors open your email is not easy. And we have all been there, struggling to increase our open rates.   But it doesn’t have to be this way. Read on to know the perfect way of how-to cold email investors.     According to MailChimp, […]

how to start an online business for free, how to start an online business with no money, how to start an online business at home, how to start an online business from home, how to start an online business

How to Start an Online Business- A complete guide

Entrepreneurship can be full of hardships. Do not get disheartened though. It is possibly the only thing that will pave the way towards financial and career independence.   And it will also create something new to solve modern world problems. Given the world that we live in today and the lifestyle that we are slowly […]

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Opt-In Leads And Their Role in 10X Conversion

Opt-in leads are one of the most powerful tools to begin gathering email addresses from qualified leads. Use it correctly to increase revenue significantly through the power of communication.   Opt-in email marketing is the process of inviting website visitors to sign up for an email list. Often a lead magnet or other incentive is […]

What is a 409a valuation report, For how long is 409a valuation good , When is a 409a valuation required , What is a 409a valuation, How much does a 409a valuation cost

Why is it important for a business to know about 409a Valuation?

Are you ready to offer the equity of your company? Do you know what the shares of your company are worth? Have you done a valuation yet?   Well, before you go offering your company’s equity you must conduct a 409a valuation. Read further to understand the different aspects related to it.    What is […]

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Seed Funding Pitch Deck – A Guide

The seed funding pitch deck has a distinct template for how founders should lay out their stories through slides. The primary objective here is that founders should aim to be coherent and succinct.   This is not the appropriate place to compose a monograph on your market or worldview. So, there is not very much […]

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