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In the USA, we work at the heart of the global hub for business, New York. We continue to serve as one of the top Venture capital Funds in the USA with a proven track record of 20+ years. We understand the dynamics of the American entrepreneurial spirit and strive to understand the market. 

New York proven to be playground of immense experience for us to grow because it  has a diverse business culture where no single sector drives more than 15% of the local business. . With a meteoric rise in start-ups, it is important  that the entrepreneurs in the USA are more aware about their business needs than ever. Therefore, we work to build a network of investors to bridge the gap between them and the entrepreneurs. Our  unparalleled investor network caters to a wide spectrum of business. Alcor’s forward looking approach help the  founders  take care of business at every stage. 

We  seek to maximize returns through fundamentals-driven processes. We use unique, pioneered risk mitigation platform through our experience of over 200,000 invested companies.  Therefore,  ALCOR’s  approach is unique and self-disciplinary to ensure the clients are successful with a proven track record in Acquisitions and Exits. For instance, we cover 25 different domains and work through validating most of the assumptions, systematic risks. We understand the Pivot Strategy for each business.

The team brings in expertise with  in-depth knowledge and experience. Thus we believe in creating outstanding value, with global  experience  to create exceptional success for all clients across the globe.


Our experts collaborate and help you develop a go to market strategy and strengthen your value proposition. Connect with our experts to navigate, scale  and mitigate risks in your business.




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