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ALCOR is a global private equity fund with a strong knowledge of the investment market. Our core focus area is “Buyouts of financially distressed assets.” We have also recently launched our “Smart Startup Fund,” which focuses on early-stage investments in globally scalable ideas. We invest along with co-investors who are domain specialists.
ALCOR operates through its investment bank, which brings transactions on a deal first basis. Then, filtered deals pass to other global funds based on their specialization, expertise, and investment appetite.
Discover how our Investment Banking services will help you create outstanding value for your ideas and businesses by growing the top-line revenues and bottom-line profits, improving cost structure, and strengthening the core operations. In addition, develop supply chain, global partnerships, essential resources, and processes.
ALCOR’s Investment Bank approach is solutions-driven, including identification, negotiations, structuring (high value-driven models), funding (both equity & debt), post-merger integration of HR, operations, and client retention. The ALCOR approach is unique and self-disciplinary to ensure the clients are successful with a proven track record in Acquisitions and Exits.
The Harvard Business School-educated team with in-depth knowledge about multiple structure options, creating outstanding value, with global and Indian experience creates exceptional success for all clients.

  1. Deep industry and CEO level contacts with Funds, Investors across the globe.
  2. Access to Global Funds over 30 countries
  3. Ability to raise Capital (PE, VC, Angel, SAFE, Debt, Working Capital.)
  4. Innovative Acquisition Models, Global Distribution Models
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