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Best in the Business

At ALCOR, we are not just a fund, but a team of visionaries, experts, and innovators who aim to reshape the business world. Driven by an exceptional leadership team educated at Harvard and Oxford, we provide the ultimate platform for nurturing start-ups and turning them into globally successful unicorns.

Extraordinary Capabilities

With a track record of unprecedented success, we possess the expertise to identify and nurture potential unicorns. Our extraordinary capabilities extend beyond conventional investment practices, focusing on providing mentorship, resources, and strategic direction to the companies in our portfolio. We are committed to creating a robust ecosystem that catalyzes growth and innovation.

World-Class Team

Our team of industry specialists comprises Ivy League-educated C-suite executives with a deep understanding of various industry domains. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as unique insights, to help portfolio companies navigate their growth journey and overcome any challenges. Their strategic acumen and sound decision-making abilities have consistently aided in steering our portfolio companies towards substantial success.

Scalability and Growth

We prioritize investments in businesses with strong scalability potential across multiple regions. Our focus is on creating robust, sustainable businesses that are capable of delivering consistent annual recurring growth. We understand the significance of scalability in today’s globalized economy, and thus, we nurture businesses that can expand without compromising on their efficiency or profitability.


We believe in the power of innovative products to change the world. Our investments are therefore targeted at businesses that prioritize product innovation, as we understand that it is a key driver of success in today’s rapidly evolving markets. We actively encourage and support our portfolio companies in their innovation journey, providing them the resources and guidance they need to lead the way in their respective industries.

Inorganic Growth

At ALCOR, we recognize the value of inorganic growth and the impact it can have on a business’s journey to becoming a unicorn. Our investment strategy includes facilitating mergers, acquisitions, and other strategic partnerships, which offer our portfolio companies an accelerated path to growth and market dominance.

Maximized Return on Time

In the high-stakes world of business, time is as valuable as capital. With ALCOR, businesses enjoy the best return on time in regards to growth, investment, product innovation, and inorganic growth. Our efficient processes, prompt decision-making, and extensive network enable portfolio companies to grow rapidly and effectively, offering unparalleled value for their time invested.

Choosing ALCOR is choosing a partnership with a globally recognized fund that not only provides financial investment but also offers strategic guidance, mentorship, and access to an extensive network. By choosing ALCOR, you choose an unmatched growth journey towards becoming the next unicorn.

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