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ALCOR Venture Capital pioneered the risk mitigated investment approach. We partner with disruptive founders, high-growth visionaries and super-track their businesses into the market through our platform to scale and build highly efficient commercialization processes to grow faster on limited dilution.

ALCOR is one of the leading private venture capital firms. We create an outstanding impact for our investors, employees, companies, and the societies in which we live. Our risk mitigated approach creates exceptional value for our investors and businesses. We leverage our risk-reduced venture capital firm and shared platform. We use this leverage to capture and build value through opportunities for budding founders. Our global team aligns our interests with those of our investors with offices in four continents for lasting impact.

Our unique and differentiated strategy ensures that all businesses go through different stages of growth. We leverage our global reach to provide access to partners, networks, and customers as such a global outreach is critical for the business to scale and grow.

ALCOR’s relationship with more than 9000 global investors and venture capital firms ensures that we can get you the funds from multiple funds. We also offer many strategies and perspectives to provide businesses with exceptional growth potential. ALCOR operates at the level of creative and business risk mitigation. We work closely with management teams to create an outstanding impact and therefore garner reliable results.


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