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We are a fast-growing platform for founders, entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts, and tech leaders for modern startup services and funding solutions. AlcorFund’s outreach spans across global founders and C-level professionals. Our viewers welcome insights related to startups, business, funding, technology, SaaS, market trends, etc. We have an excellent opportunity for writers from all spheres to write on our global platform and reach a relevant audience of good size and caliber.

If you would like to write for Alcor Fund, you can send us your blog post idea or title, along with a bit about yourself, to alcorfund.com. We recommend you submit your ideas first before writing an entire blog post to ensure we are on the same page.


Any topic related to following categories:

  • Startups
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growth Hacking
  • Marketing
  • Business
  • SaaS / Technology
  • Funding
  • Angel Investment
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity

Guideline for Article Submission:

  • Word count: Long-form articles – 1000 or more words/articles.
  • Type of Content: In-depth researched articles based on the above niche.
  • Target audience: Startup founders, owners, and entrepreneurs.
  • Intention: Well-researched answers and actionable solutions about business practices, startup trends, market analysis, etc.
  • Style/Tone: Conversational and informational, try to provide an easy-to-understand answer to the audience’s queries. Free of grammatical and writing errors.
  • Original and Exclusive: 100% unique and plagiarism-free article. It shouldn’t be published anywhere else. The duplicate article will be rejected.
  • Images: Use only royalty-free images to avoid copyright issues. Please include a featured image with your article. Please provide the source of the images.
  • Link: We allow 1 Do-Follow link to a relevant blog post from your website. All links should be informative and not convey about promotion or any explicit content. We don’t allow links to the Product pages/Gambling/Casino/Direct Sale or Endorsement.
  • Removing any explicit link would be at the discretion of the Alcor Fund
  • Author: Include an author’s bio of a maximum of 150 words with a headshot and a link to your website, blog, or social media profiles. Alternatively, you can also send us the email address you used to create a gravatar account in a Google Doc.
    Outline: We expect you to give us a short brief before starting with any topic.
  • Approval Time: We will approve and update you via email in 2-3 business days.


Submit a completed final draft with your author bio and email address.  Also, attach a minimum of two images in your email.

After submission, the article will be run through a rigorous editorial process to ensure they’re exclusive to alcorfund.com.

We reserve the right to ask for revisions and make changes to the submitted content (including the title and content) as and when needed to meet audience requirements.

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