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Our Venture Capital In Germany, is at Frankfurt, the financial capital of the country.  Frankfurt, is a hub of opportunities. Therefore, we work relentlessly to capitalise on the immense potential it holds. The market readiness of German start-up ecosystem  enables us to stay agile in terms of building a network of investors. Alcor facilitates a conducive symbiosis between investors and entrepreneurs through research and analysis and provides innovative solutions tailor made for clients based on their Venture capital preparedness. 

From the ideation stage to the final stage, our clients get all the business needs in place. With an experience of 20+ years in the domain of business advisory and  a close eye on the market volatilities, we extend our expertise to mitigate business risks. The preference of investors and start-ups is enabled by the solution-based approach that involves recognition, negotiation, structuring (high value models), financing (equity & debt), post fusion HR integration, market and company retention. Also, We cover 25 different domains. Further, we work through validating most of the assumptions, systematic risks, and understand the Pivot Strategy for each business.

Further, we provide innovative solutions tailor made for our clients based on their Venture capital preparedness. From the ideation  to the final stage, we help our clients get all the business needs met. Further, ALCOR’s  approach is unique and self-disciplinary to ensure the clients are successful with a proven track record in Acquisitions and Exits.

Our team brings in the enriching experience from Harvard business School. In addition, our  knowledge about multiple structure options, creates exceptional success for all clients.


Our experts collaborate and help you develop a go to market strategy and strengthen your value proposition. Connect with our experts to navigate, scale  and mitigate risks in your business. 



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