25 Business Ideas To Start a Business within 1000 Dollars


25 Business Ideas To Start a Business within 1000 Dollars

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Today is the day we break the myth about how starting a business is always an expensive affair. All you need is just $1000. YES, you can start a business with 1000 dollars.


Read on to find an extensive list of 25 business ideas that will help you to start a business with 1000 dollars in your pockets.



  • House Cleaning Business-

 This is an idea that will never go out of business. The need for a clean house will always be there and so will your business. You will need to invest in cleaning supplies and registration of your venture and you are good to go.


  • Personal Trainer Business –

The increasing consciousness towards one’s health could be your next business idea. As a personal trainer, you can start from a room in your own house with some very basic training equipment (you can also purchase used equipment).


  • Photography Business 

Photography instruments and cameras can be expensive but to start all you’ll need is a basic camera. Most of the time these instruments are also available for rent. Hence, starting with your photography services on a budget will not be a problem.


  • Clothes Designing Business –

Another business idea could be starting as a designer. You could use online platforms or social media handles on Instagram to sell your designs.


Here investment would be in the form of material required and stitching machine which will very easily be available and will help you to start a business with 1000 dollars.


  • Personal Chef –

If food holds your interest, you can provide your services as a personal chef. You can attract customers through a website and your social media presence. You will need to invest in cooking equipment, which will not be very expensive.


  • Makeup Styling Business –

Rather than being set up in one place, you can provide your makeup services at the place of the event itself.


The initial investment will be for purchasing the makeup products and packaging boxes. You could start with basic products and slowly move up to the finer brands.


  • Baking Business –

You can start your baking business as well. Without setting up a physical store your main expenses will be kitchen equipment and ingredients for your product. To sell your products you could make use of online platforms or even collaborate with some local bakeries.


  • Catering Business –

You don’t need a commercial kitchen and a lot of employees to run a catering business. Choosing the right events (smaller number of people) to cater to will only require the need for a basic kitchen.


Your expenditure will mainly consist of certain appliances and ingredients. 


  • Digital Marketing Agency –

If you are a marketing wiz, you can start your digital marketing agency. You can offer a range of services like social media handling, advertising, SEO, etc.


The expenses you’ll have to incur will mainly consist of those on advertising, domain, hosting, and internet connection.


  • App Development Business

There is no denying the fact that the world is online now, from people to businesses, everyone and everything is making this shift. As an app developer for clients, you can benefit from the world going digital as well. 


  • Tutoring Business –

Tutoring can prove to be a successful business. According to PayScale, a tutor earns approximately $17.62 per hour. You can tutor online as well as in person. The main investment would be the skills and knowledge you already possess.


  • Professional Organizer Business

As a professional organizer, your work would be to declutter, tidy, and organize spaces so that your clients can make use of them. The average pay for a professional organizer is $25.78 per hour.

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  • Translation Business 

With an average hourly pay rate of $20.23, you can give some serious thought to starting up your own translator business. Along with taking up job advertisements, you can approach prospective clients yourself.


  • Freelance Writing Business –

Content is King but also something that can make you money. Companies and organizations are always in search of good content for their websites and social media. Use your writing skills to start a new business. 


  • Virtual Assistant Business –

If you are an organized person and can bring order to the work and lives of your client then you have an opportunity to start a new business.


  • Personal Shopping Business –

Now you can turn your interest in shopping and retail therapy into a business. You can provide your expertise as a personal shopper. The average hourly pay rate goes up to $12.81.


  • Graphic Designing Business –

Yes, a lot of designing tools and software are available but the designs only come alive when a specialist works on them. You can offer graphic designing services as part of your business. 


  • Social Media Managing Business –

From small businesses to big ones, all of them can now be found on social media platforms. Managing the social media accounts of people and organizations has become a job and could become your business.


  • UI/UX Designing Business –

With so many apps and websites coming up every day, there is an equally increasing demand for UI/UX designers. The task here is to design and curate a user interface and a user experience for people visiting the websites and apps.


Consultant offers their expertise to their clients to help solve their problems. Today the consulting industry is worth $250 billion. So, if you have domain expertise, you can use it to establish your consulting business.


  • Public Relations Business 

On average Public Relations Managers make $53 an hour. They are in charge of maintaining a good image of an organization or a person. The investment you’ll need here will be tiny for purchasing a database that you could use for your clients.


  • Accounting Business 

As a certified accountant you are ready to start your accounting business. You can practice as an independent accountant and approach prospective clients. The initial investment required is extremely low as you can operate from home on an online platform.


  • Ecommerce business –

For an e-commerce business, you’ll require a website, handle the website maintenance, and hosting charges. Then you can either sell your products through the website or collaborate with some other sellers.


  • Refurbishing & Reselling furniture –

Environment and cost-conscious people have created a large demand for purchasing used and refurbished furniture. And you can fulfill this demand by setting up a business of selling refurbished furniture.


  • Software Development Business –

Nowadays there’s software to perform most of the functions. And hence the ever-growing demand for software developers. With your skills, a computer, an internet connection you lift the business off the ground.



So, did you find something that interested you? Trust us it’s the first step that you need to take and you will be able to start a business with 1000 dollars.


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