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Tick Off These Meaningful 15 Milestones For Your Early Startup Stage

Startup Milestones are not just the pathway as most founders consider that needs to follow for success. It’s more like a growth timeline where you tick off those integral startup accomplishments. Here, each startup milestone signifies a giant leap towards a big future venture.   Startup Milestones are ‘tracking marks’ for both Startups and Venture […]

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List of Key Metrics for Measuring Your Startup | Alcor Fund

Startup Metrics are the way to depict the overall health of the company. It tells how effectively a startup is operating its key business activities……   Many startups consider revenue and profits to be the most important metric.   But If only it worked. Startup operations are not JUST limited to revenue and profits. There […]

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11 SaaS Metrics That Shouldn’t Be Ignored- Alcor Fund !!!

Introduction SaaS startups have grown tremendously in the past few years. As we started with due diligence we realised that most of the important saas metrics were ignored by founders. Thus leading to an obstruction in EFFECTIVE company management.   To become a successful enterprise, one has to measure the right SaaS metric to achieve […]

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What is Technology Enabled Services and How Are They Disrupting Industries

Introduction The business world is accelerating toward a software product economy. Your IT team needs to speed up to keep pace with digital transformation. One way to do so is by creating technology-enabled services.    These services help to get your developers’ desired outcomes. This is rather than just providing tools (on-premises or SaaS). So, those […]

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10 Effective Strategies to Manage & Lead Technical Teams

Managing a technical team effectively is like growing and taking care of a plant every day to yield tasty fruits in the future. And it’s not an easy task.    Businesses are not just about one person – it’s about a team of people. A business cannot control external influential factors.   But they have […]

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B2B Marketplaces: The Next E-commerce Ventures to be Under Spotlight

Introduction: B2B Marketplaces are emerging tremendously. It took only 3 years for Amazon Business to reach $10 billion from $3 billion. It redefined the relationship between B2B buyers and sellers.   With 43% of the transactions being B2B Marketplaces keep aside one-to-one sales and instead focus on a whole ecosystem of marketplaces and communities.   […]

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What is the B2B2C Business Model and How It Is Transforming Businesses

Introduction 60% of millennials are loyal to firms that provide a unique shopping experience. They have the power to spend $1.4 trillion (accounting for 30% of all retail sales in 2020). The B2B2C model helps to take control of the customer’s shopping experience.   70% of business buyers look for a user experience, like Amazon, when they buy goods. 74% […]

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Data Infrastructure: Everything You Need To Know About It

Introduction Data drives businesses, economies, and an entire country – gives direction in forming strategic decisions that matter a lot. As with the digitization era, the need for data that provides valuable information has become more imperative. Therefore, there comes a call for a well-built Data Infrastructure.     Data Infrastructure can be seen as a […]

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A Complete Guide On Shareholder Agreement Template

Introduction When setting up an organization with family or friends it’s easy to assume that nothing can fail in the future.   You might assume that as you trust one another you do not need to put in place something like a shareholders’ agreement.   So, you might think that asking for a shareholders’ agreement […]

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