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What Are the Different Types of Small Business Phone Systems?

Business Phone Systems

We’ve identified three variables you should consider for your small business plan for company telephony services. Traditional landline networks, PBX systems, and cloud-based phones are the leading phone systems for small businesses. So let’s take a look at these three types of small business phone systems:

Traditional landlines

Phones connected to old telephone lines were the most traditional and extensively used business communication network before the internet. Although they have been around for a long time, they have several limitations; as mobile technology & application advances and becomes more accessible, corporations have adjusted their working practices in response.

There is a lack of usefulness in landline telephones or copper cable telephones in contrast to their contemporary equivalents. However, although this restricts communication, it also makes traditional phone lines more dependable and less prone to breakdowns.

Even though landline phones were costly in the past, making it impossible for a small firm to afford a significant number of lines, thus capping the growth of sales or customer services, they are now much more accessible. 

Nonetheless, more “digital” solutions can be cheaper than traditional landlines. Therefore, when it comes to small businesses, the only time a landline telephone network is a viable option is if you currently have one and are unwilling or unable to update to better systems.

Phones With PBX Systems

PBX is a type of accessory that can increase the traditional landline functionality by adding extensions, automatic answering, etc… On-premise and online PBX solutions are the two types of PBX networks available.

PBX Onsite

Onsite PBX solutions are an excellent choice for more prominent organizations because, as the name indicates, most PBX operating systems are hosted at the location. In addition, phone queuing and redirecting are two features that PBX networks provide that aren’t accessible on a traditional landline. 

Nevertheless, the workstations and other technology necessary might be costly, resulting in a much higher initial cost. In addition, the responsibility for the upkeep of onsite systems lies entirely on the corporation. Because of that, assure that your workforce includes adequate preparation to maintain your system operationally.

Online PBX Systems

Instead of having all of the equipment centralized at the business site, online PBX systems allow clients to decentralize PBX implementation and rely on third-party infrastructure for management of the system.

The initial investment in an online PBX system is much lower than the onsite one. Still, it will require monthly payments to make sure it’s operational, but, on the other hand, all maintenance will be the provider’s responsibility.

Cloud Phone Systems

Let’s take all of this into consideration. First, the 3rd kind of corporate telephone is introduced: the cloud-based phone system, which is increasingly becoming the preferred solution for modern organizations, either big or small. In their most basic form, Cloud VoIP phones incorporate the capabilities of a standard landline into a smartphone or desktop application. All services includes no additional cost depending on the provider you hire from a dedicated telephone line, for your company to call routing and recordings, voicemail, monitoring, and more.

The significant difference is that the only piece of gear you’ll need is a smartphone or desktop/laptop, which you almost certainly already have; this means that it will significantly reduce cost. In addition, because cloud-based solutions are on the cloud, pricing is often arranged as a monthly subscription per user, with no upfront installation expenses and no ongoing maintenance expenditures.

You might consider a cloud telephone network if you are currently using your mobile phone as one of your primary work tools and would want to maintain some distinction between your personal and business phone numbers. They’re low-cost, simple to establish, equipped with advanced features, and built to grow with your company’s needs.

In Conclusion

Establishing your initial phone technology for your business, or even updating your current system, might be a complex and intimidating process, especially for small businesses, who are always trying to save money.

When developing an effectively distributed work environment, several factors are to consider. Hosted PBX service providers have created effective integrated communication systems that are secure, dependable, and affordable for their customers. The ease with which cloud-based phones and PBX solutions implements and manages offers significant communication benefits for businesses. Several platforms have smartphone applications that workers may use while on the road, which is convenient.

Large firms usually engage IT-savvy personnel to operate their phone system. Unfortunately, small companies do not have access to these resources. Still, they may reap the benefits of large-scale corporate communications by partnering with cloud-based VoIP service providers like ULTATEL, Nextiva, and RingCentral. These companies have a specialization in small businesses and can help with business growth.


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