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Retention Curve, Cohort Retention Curve, Retention Graph, Customer Retention Curve

Retention Curves: Definition, Types & Three Ways To Create & Analyze It

Retention is the stability that a business needs. And achieving the feat of a success defining retention curve is every founder’s dream. As Patrick Demoucelle asserts, a 5% increase in retention brings a huge surge in company value by 75%.   It badly hurts when a customer you worked hard on to acquire, unsubscribe your […]

Business Startup Milestones, Startup Company Milestones, Startup Milestone Example,Startup Milestones, Startup Milestones Template

Tick Off These Meaningful 15 Milestones For Your Early Startup Stage

Startup Milestones are not just the pathway as most founders consider that needs to follow for success. It’s more like a growth timeline where you tick off those integral startup accomplishments. Here, each startup milestone signifies a giant leap towards a big future venture.   Startup Milestones are ‘tracking marks’ for both Startups and Venture […]

Information technology enabled services wikipedia, What is information technology enabled services, Information technology enabled services definition, Change healthcare technology enabled services llc, technology enabled services

What is Technology Enabled Services and How Are They Disrupting Industries

Introduction The business world is accelerating toward a software product economy. Your IT team needs to speed up to keep pace with digital transformation. One way to do so is by creating technology-enabled services.    These services help to get your developers’ desired outcomes. This is rather than just providing tools (on-premises or SaaS). So, those […]

Best B2b Marketplaces, B2B Marketplaces, Top B2B Marketplace, B2B Marketplaces in India, B2B MarketPlaces, B2B MarketPlace

B2B Marketplaces: The Next E-commerce Ventures to be Under Spotlight

Introduction: B2B Marketplaces are emerging tremendously. It took only 3 years for Amazon Business to reach $10 billion from $3 billion. It redefined the relationship between B2B buyers and sellers.   With 43% of the transactions being B2B Marketplaces keep aside one-to-one sales and instead focus on a whole ecosystem of marketplaces and communities.   […]

How to Start a Clothing Line, clothing manufacturers, design your own clothing, how to start a clothing business online, how to start a clothing line for free

A Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Clothing Line

Introduction Many people want to start a clothing brand or clothing line. But, how difficult could it be?   Let me tell you that clothing brands become successful in part because they’re created by people who are passionate about clothing.     But, a clothing brand needs an exquisite apparel design to form an everlasting […]

measuring leadership, metrics for measuring leadership, measuring leadership effectiveness, measuring leadership impact, instrument for measuring leadership effectiveness

Measuring Leadership Effectively From All Sides

Introduction The word leader came into existence in 1837. It originated from an Old English word ‘lædan’ that means to lead as a guide. A leader leads because of its Leadership qualities.   It’s an innate skill of every leader. Thus measurement of leadership skill is essential to gauge its efficiency from an organizational perspective. […]

What are the 4 types of Innovation & Why it matters?

Introduction In this blog, you’ll get familiar with the four main types of innovation along with more other types & why it matters in the business world. Innovation is the part of a Business Organization.   A study by Bern University says, only 15 percent of companies will make it to the 15 years mark […]

Innovation Statistics, innovation statistics 2019, technology innovation statistics, innovation statistics 2018, innovation statistics 2020

Latest 2020 Update: Innovation Statistics & Facts | Alcor Fund

Introduction Do we really need Innovation Statistics? Why would statistics of something immeasurable be needed? Yes, It’s SIGNIFICANT.   Statistics inform us about what’s happening around the world. It compresses the whole information in numbers.      Innovation is difficult to measure. But it MATTERS in today’s fast-paced world. And what matters in the business […]

Bargaining power of buyers, Porter's Five Forces Analysis, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of suppliers example, bargaining power of buyers example

Bargaining power of buyers | Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Introduction The essence of strategy formulation involves competition. Yet it is easy to view competition too narrowly pessimistically.   You might have heard executives complaining that rigorous competition in an industry is neither bad luck nor a coincidence.     Moreover, within the fight for market share, competition isn’t manifested only within the other players. […]

bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of suppliers example, bargaining power of suppliers airline industry, bargaining power of suppliers in airline industry, bargaining power of suppliers in retail industry

What Is Bargaining Power Of Suppliers And How Does It Affect Your Business

Introduction In the airline industry, only two significant suppliers exist. Airbus and Boeing control the fuel prices. Thus, the bargaining power of suppliers in the airline industry is very high.   A strong supplier may affect the profitability and quality of products. It may force companies to raise prices.      It is one of […]

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