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What Is Bargaining Power Of Suppliers And How Does It Affect Your Business

In the airline industry, only two significant suppliers exist. Airbus and Boeing control the fuel prices. Thus, the bargaining power of suppliers in the airline industry is very high.   A strong supplier may affect the profitability and quality of products. It may force companies to raise prices.    It is one of the forces […]

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10 Best Businesses To Start With Little Money And Secrets Behind Them

It seems that there’s no shortage of online business ideas. Let’s dip into the facts to know more about the best Business to Start with little money.   According to, there are 966 million websites within the globe today and Word Press alone is in charge of over 76.5 million blogs.   Michael Dell’s […]

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An Easy Roadmap to Create a Successful Software Startup

There has never been a better time to build a software startup — whether it is SaaS or custom software. Technology and software are becoming an integral part of our lives.   A great way to start a business is to get an idea! Millions have an idea. But they were not able to execute it […]

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How To Become An Entrepreneur- Steps And Tips Involved

Ever dreamed of being your boss? This may sound awesome but it’s also incredibly difficult.   How difficult? So, as far as I have observed 75% of startups fail.   That’s because, when you’re responsible for the bottom line, every setback falls on you.   But If you’re aware of the steps and tips and […]

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Step-by-Step Process to Create the Perfect Brand for Your Startup

Suppose you have had an idea for a profitable business. In that case, chances are, you have probably resorted to some freelance site. Or you had a friend with Illustrator draft up a couple of concepts for you as startup branding.   Suppose a startup decided to hire an agency to help them define their […]

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Real World Examples of Open Innovation by Global Organizations

In these days of digital transformation, new startups are emerging every day. Collaborative working becomes the norm. So companies are welcoming external organizations’ involvement. These external involvements are open innovation examples.   Xerox PARC was a research center in the 1970s. It created the GUI (Graphical User Interface). It also created the Ethernet networking protocol […]

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Can Innovation Be Measured And Should It Concern Your Organization?

The world has witnessed four industrial revolutions over the last four centuries. The facets of each revolution have been different. Yet the underlying theme has remained consistent—innovation. This is why measuring innovation is so important.   The last few years have seen several innovations and strategic collaborations. It transformed traditional business and operating models.   […]

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How to create an online course in 10 easy steps

Are you struggling to find out how to create an online course? Believe me, I have been helping entrepreneurs build their online courses from scratch.    Creating an online course is gaining traction for the past 5 years.    The biggest reason I have observed is that online presence helps you in building and marking […]

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