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What are the 4 types of Innovation & Why it matters?

In this blog, you’ll get familiar with the four main types of innovation along with more other types & why it matters in the business world. Innovation is part of a Business Organization.   A study by Bern University says, only 15 percent of companies will make it to the 15 years mark whereas only […]

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A Simple Guide to Differentiate Fair Value and Fair Market Value

Everyone uses terms in their area of expertise that make other professionals scratch their heads. For example, you may start discussing business valuations with an accounting professional.   Then two terms that will come up frequently are fair market value vs assessed fair value. They sound as if they are interchangeable. But they are, in fact, […]

private placement examples, Examples of private placement, private placement memorandum examples, Sample private placement memorandum, private equity offering memorandum sample

Real-World Private Placement Examples and Their Impact on the Businesses

To understand private placement examples, let’s first understand that conventional wisdom beseeches investors to balance and diversify. But there are volatility and interest rate yields that do not even keep pace with inflation.   So, conventional wisdom can burn. That is why savvy, high-net-worth investors hedge against these downsides. They do so with a broad […]

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What is IP Assignment Agreement and Why is it Crucial for Every Business

You may be starting or acquiring a company. Then you need the Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement (IP) to transfer intellectual property. These include innovation patents, source code, and customer lists.   In a technology business, what the investor finances is often the IP assets.   Your products and services depend on certain critical IP assets. Then an investor will undertake due […]

Operational Excellence Strategy, What is Operational Excellence?, operational excellence examples, Operational Excellence Model, operational excellence framework

A Complete Guide On Operational Excellence Strategy

Do you know that the birth of an operational excellence strategy took place in a manufacturing environment? During the revolutionary period, its objective was to meet regulatory requirements and mitigate risks from catastrophic failures.    But users realized its broader application as a tool to improve manufacturing processes and practices.    Today, best-in-class manufacturing companies […]

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A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Accurately Calculate Market Size

Why do investors do market sizing?   Imagine that you have just spent three years building a fantastic business. Your product is excellent, and your website is cutting edge. Your people are well-trained and enthusiastic. Also, your customers love what you do.   You are running at a loss. There are not enough customers in […]

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Latest 2020 Update: Innovation Statistics & Facts | Alcor Fund

Do we really need Innovation Statistics? Why would statistics of something immeasurable be needed? Yes, It’s SIGNIFICANT.   Statistics inform us about what’s happening around the world. It compresses the whole information in numbers.    Innovation is difficult to measure. But it MATTERS in today’s fast-paced world. And what matters in the business market needs […]

Bargaining power of buyers, Porter's Five Forces Analysis, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of suppliers example, bargaining power of buyers example

Bargaining power of buyers | Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

The essence of strategy formulation involves competition. Yet it is easy to view competition too narrowly pessimistically.   You might have heard executives complaining that rigorous competition in an industry is neither bad luck nor a coincidence.   Moreover, within the fight for market share, competition isn’t manifested only within the other players.   Instead, […]

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