The Top Co-working Spaces in Bengaluru for Your Startup


The Top Co-working Spaces in Bengaluru for Your Startup

The Top Co-working Spaces in Bengaluru for Your Startup

Bengaluru is one of India’s most desirable cities for white-collar professionals. The Silicon Valley of India has witnessed a rise in co-working spaces. This is owing to growing business opportunities. Top MNCs are setting up their base in the city.


In co-working, individuals or groups assemble in a neutral space to work independently from each other. It is different from a typical office workspace. This is because the people in a co-working environment generally are not working for the same company.


Co-working spaces offer similar facilities as a traditional office. A significant differentiator is a flexibility since you do not need to sign a long-term lease in a co-working space. Every co-working space will always have basics like Wi-Fi, printers. Usually, some conference rooms.


Some will have coffee, tea, and snacks available. Some will have startup resources at your disposal. This ranges from digital assets and even advisors.


Some may have futuristic tech such as 3D printers. Some budget-conscious co-working spaces are more barebones. They offer little more than a desk and Wi-Fi.


The first mention of co-working dates back to 2005. Brad Neuberg, a dreamer, and undaunted entrepreneur launched the first co-working space in San Francisco.


The location inside Spiral Muse was called the “San Francisco Coworking Space.” It was open on Mondays and Tuesdays only.

The number of global co-working spaces is expected to touch nearly 20,000 in 2020. It is projected to more than double by 2024. By 2022, 13% of businesses outside the US will be using shared workspaces. This is according to Allwork. Space.


In 2019, there were nearly three million co-workers. This number is expected to double by 2022 nearly. This is according to small business genius.


Co-working spaces are the fastest-growing office spaces.


They are expected to make up 30% of the market by 2030.


Quick to adapt to trends, Bengaluru took to accepting new working modes. These included telecommuting and remote work. Not every employee has to swipe in at an employer’s place of work anymore.


Instead, they can find a place that fulfills all the amenities of the workplace. It connects with its team through the internet.


Unplugging from the office has a growing number of perks – engagement with like-minded folks, flexibility concerning one’s workday, and increased job satisfaction.


This promotes a work-life balance and fosters business innovation. Co-working spaces are also highly useful for starting businesses with little money.


This article explores the top co-working spaces in Bengaluru. It looks into why they score and stand out in comparison to other office spaces.


Deconstructing co-working spaces in Bengaluru

The needs of today’s professionals are limited and straightforward. One needs electricity and high-speed internet. They must have the basic amenity of thoughtfully designed furniture.


Pretty much any space can suffice as a workspace when these are in place. The better ones cater to the mind and self-actualization needs as well as physical wants and comforts.


Workers can meet up for brainstorming sessions. They can discuss with teammates around a conference table or work by themselves by zoning out the surroundings. 


Noise-canceling headphones are a boon for productivity in a shared office. All these facilities make it inessential for workers to reach a crowded concrete jungle after hightailing through peak-hour traffic.


Instead, South India’s business Mecca had enterprising professionals opting for co-working spaces.


  • Cowrks


Spanning across five cities in India, Cowrks offers fully customizable office spaces suited to your team’s needs.


Cowrks offers you all the comforts of having your own office while working out of a co-working space with flattering interiors and intelligent technology.


It has high-end meeting rooms. There is ample space for conducting medium-sized events.


Prime location, flexible contract, first-rate security, and a variety of gourmet options. It has all that you want in a co-working space!




  • Whitefield
  • Koramangala
  • Residency Road
  • Ecoworld
  • Indiranagar
  • Yehlanka
  • Ulsoor




  • Dedicated desk – Rs 12,999 to Rs 15,999/month
  • Flexible desk – Rs 10,999 to Rs 12.499/month


Special amenities


  • Let us operate out of private studios, private suites, and lounges.


  • Equipped with AV and teleconferencing support


  • Mail and package handling facilities.


  • Virtual receptionist for your business


  • WeWork


It is for those who want slick office space. It has every comfort imaginable and attracts the brightest minds. WeWork offices have a cosmopolitan atmosphere.


They offer everything from suite-type office space for rent to shared workspaces in a social atmosphere.


WeWork also has pricing plans for private offices. It is for those of you who wish to set up a company headquarter.


A glance at WeWork’s plans shows you that you can have set-ups for just one worker or a whole team of 100+ members.




  • Bannerghatta
  • Mahadevpura
  • Residency Road
  • Old Madras Road
  • Koramangala
  • Marathahalli
  • Infantry Road
  • Domlur (Embassy Golf Links)
  • Church Street, Hebbal (RMZ Latitude)
  • Devarabisanahalli




  • Individual hot desks: Rs 6,000-Rs 8,000/month
  • Private office spaces: Rs 19,300-Rs 20,500/month.


Special Amenities


  • Take the bike to work. There is a provision to chain your bicycle. The new-age office space is eco-friendly too!


  • Take phone calls in convenient private booths. They support teleconferencing through high-speed internet.


  • Chug down some kiwi water and fine micro-ground coffee. There is no need to skimp on the office supplies!


  • Innov8 Co-working


Nobody helps like Innov8 to make your creative juices flow. It is a major co-working space in Bengaluru. The spaces are appealing to the young. It gives them flexibility, economical price packages, and amenities within the most startup-friendly location in Bengaluru.




  • Koramangala




  • Individual hot desks: Rs 8,000/month
  • Dedicated desks: Rs 13,000/month


Special Amenities


  • Work uninterrupted at the rooftop. The bustling cityscape offers an attractive background


  • Innov8’s musical nights and startup talks ensure engagement and recreation


  • Stimulating spaces for break-out areas and refreshments.


  • CommuneCoworks


It is not for nothing that Koramangala is the prized startup zone in Bengaluru. Commune helps the young people behind these ventures sample the world of business on their terms.


Now there is the luxury of benevolent offerings from co-working spaces in Bengaluru such as Commune.


So, finding office space for rent is no longer about being left stranded when you are bursting with ideas.


You can draw up designs, take calls, brew your cup of joe, or have a full-blown brainstorming session complete with projectors and tech support.


Commune welcomes all workers’ genres and has dedicated space for a workshop, a shaded terrace, and a studio to help you stimulate your productivity and creativity.




  • Koramangala




  • Individual hot desks: Rs 7,999/month
  • Dedicated desks: Rs 11,999/month
  • Private Cabin: Rs 12,999/month
  • Day Pass: Rs 500


Special Amenities


  • Dedicated lockers for your items


  • Community memberships for access to an exclusive community of like-minded people


  • Stimulating events that get you thinking. Examples: Investor pitch opportunity, personal and business branding


  • Startup Huts


Lack of real estate should not put a lid on a bright business idea. Startup Huts make available workspaces, conference rooms, and dedicated cabin space for today’s enterprising founders.


The cabin desks and walls are not nailed to the floor. You can switch furniture around to make suitable office space.


You can choose a flexible space. There you sit in the same chamber as other users. You can also opt for the dedicated co-working space (a place exclusive to you and your team). Office equipment and a conference room can also be availed at an extra fee. 


Startup Huts offers company registration, mentoring, marketing, and tech support. This is done through their own registered partners. It is an end-to-end package. It helps to get a startup business off the ground.




  • Residency Road
  • HSR Layout




  • Individual desks: Rs 5500-Rs 6000/month
  • Day Pass: Rs 300


Special amenities


  • Consultation and Mentoring services – they can catalyze your growth and decision-making process


  • Business incubator services. You can make them part of your growth story and take advantage of the support at this crucial stage


  • Bhive


The importance of flexibility cannot be stressed enough when a business is getting off the ground. This is why Bhive Workspace offers coworking options. You can even set up one’s own office with their help.


Founders have many options. It ranges from hiring a single desk and seat to an entire office ready to move into.


A lease can be worked out for an office’s empty shell or a warm shell replete with air conditioning, restrooms, and furnishings’ necessities.


They have offerings to suit every budget. This includes ones where you have a complete office to move into from day 1 of your operations. You will not need to pay any brokerage.


Bhive is present in all the commercially viable localities.




  • Residency Road
  • HSR Layout
  • Indiranagar
  • Koramangala
  • Uttarahalli
  • Electronic City




  • Individual desks: Rs 5000-Rs 8000/month
  • Day Pass: Rs 365


Special Amenities


  • Excellent for conducting events, talks, and networking activities.
  • Refreshments are a given


  • Many more locations are available across Bengaluru. This makes it extremely convenient


  • All consultations to discuss your specific needs for customization are free


  • Kafnu


It is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing co-working option. Kafnu offers intuitively designed studios.


It is ideal for enthusiasts intent on creating their own office spaces. This space looks visually pleasing and also sparks creativity.


Kafnu creates a collaborative environment for one-person companies and teams. It helps to get serious work done while also networking as needed.


Kafnu offers access to one’s work desk 24 x 6 and provides tech support.




  • Residency Road




  • Individual desks: Rs 11,666/month
  • Exclusive studio: Rs 24,999


Special amenities


  • Flexible dining options at the exclusive café


  • Opportunity to engage socially with other users


  • Opportunity to host corporate meets and events


  • Emphasis on community and people


  • Noveloffice


Flexibility is the need of the hour for startups today. Noveloffice caters to these professionals’ needs. It offers a convenient and well-equipped shared workspace.


There is no lock-in period or deposit amount. So, users are not tied down. The user also avails of other cushy amenities such as an in-house cafeteria and power backup.


All sorts of tech needs are managed. You can even rent computers as needed. The precincts are secure and under CCTV surveillance.


You can quickly scale up your team as Noveloffice can support more desks as needed (up to 1000). 




  • Hosur Road
  • Baldwins Road




  • Individual hot desks: Rs 3,999/month
  • Dedicated desks: Rs 4,999/month
  • Private office: Rs 9,998-Rs 44,991/month


Special Amenities


  • Excellent amenities with support for maintenance and housekeeping


  • Working space in Bengaluru is customizable according to your needs – from the size and layout of tech items to parking and refreshments


  • High-speed internet, conferencing support, and dialler services. It helps to handle overseas communication and cloud telephony


  • Workshaala


Workshaala has office space for rent in the heart of the IT corridor. You can avail of it for a single gathering of the team. It also provides continued use of desk space.


You can rent a co-working space that is teeming with activity. You can also choose a more private space such as a manager’s cabin or a private cabin with greater seating capacity.


All the facilities needed for a perfect brainstorming session are in place. They will assist your team in making headway on your agenda.




  • Bellandur
  • Banaswadi
  • Koramangala
  • HSR Layout




  • Individual desks: Rs 5,099/month
  • Day Pass: Rs 365


Special Amenities


  • Ergonomically designed furniture


  • Exclusive packages for students and startup founders


  • Flexible scheduling is available through hot desks 


  • Workafella


What if you are looking for office space in the upmarket business address on Infantry Road? It can be yours through Workafella. It makes the Virtual Office possible.


You can also conduct meetings, seminars, and brainstorming sessions.


Workafella also offers a ‘Hive’ with flexible plan passes for daily, weekly or monthly renewal.


You can use meeting room amenities, beverage service, and high-speed internet.




  • Infantry Road




  • Individual desks: Rs. 10,000/month


Special amenities


  • 24 x 7 access to a fully-furnished office along with unlimited internet and telephony equipment


  • Clean and fully secure work areas, yoga studio, and lounge


  • Opportunities for social networking and conducting events – Slack channel, Skype room


  • Regus


Co-working office space in Bengaluru does not have to break the bank. This is even if you want it at a prime location.


For instance, Regus offers desks, offices, business lounges, and meeting rooms for all your needs. You can put in some hard work or take a break from the commute.


At the same time, your original workspace recovers from a natural disaster or downtime. 


There are flexible plans for recovery sites and pay-per-use options across the world. These include UB City, Raheja Towers, and many other prime spots.




  • UB City
  • Dickenson Road
  • Embassy Golf Links
  • Brigade IRV
  • Shantinikethan
  • Bommanhalli
  • RMZ Infinity
  • MG Road
  • Halasuru




  • Starts at Rs 7,000/month


Special Amenities


  • A vast network of co-working office spaces in Bengaluru


  • Packages to suit every budget, including startups


  • Book an event room for an hour just by calling


  • Indiqube


These are pre-furnished office spaces that come with excellent design. They maximize both your productive periods and your breaks.


The distinctive sign and the buzz about intelligent design and creative networking spaces are hard to miss. 


Indiqube takes care of all your operational concerns as you focus on delivering on a project.


Also, customize as much as you like. The color scheme to the layout of cabins is in wait for your inputs.


Scale-up with your team. Make the office space you rent grow with you.




  • Koramangala
  • Varthur Hobli
  • Outer Ring Road
  • Hosur Road
  • HSR Layout
  • HAL
  • Kadubeesanahalli
  • Bellandur




  • Dedicated desks: Starts at Rs 6,500/month


Special Amenities


  • You get to download the Miqube app. It helps you get everything done in one place. The help ranges from ordering food from a nearby kiosk or setting up concierge services or book transport.


  • Experience relaxed networking at QUBE Café


  • Ideal for startups and growing businesses


  • Awfis


Who does not love a swanky workplace that looks cozy enough to lie down in, has the most spellbinding minds at work, and offers the most relaxed networking settings?


Awfis is made for the global business person. These professionals need to log in from a new city each day. They may have meetings with people from across the globe.


This is why there are meeting rooms you can book with a click, never-fail internet, telephony, and office supplies.


There are also amenities, like printing credits, that are convenient and clever.


A visit will clarify whether you need an Awfis Virtual Office. You can find out whether the National Pass might be right for you. You can also learn to set up Bulk Meeting Hours.




  • Residency Road
  • Indiranagar
  • Whitefield
  • MG Road
  • St Marks Road
  • Outer Ring Road
  • Adugodi
  • Hosur




  • Individual hot desks: Rs 300/day onwards
  • Individual dedicated desks: Rs 400/day onwards
  • Private Cabins: Rs 9000/month onwards


Special Amenities


  • Choose among a multitude of options. This includes Awfis Roaming


  • Access printers, projectors, and IVR. Non-tech amenities such as storage facilities, courier, and lounges are also available


  • Awfis distinguishes itself through reward programs. It has an app to help members access exclusive content and benefits


  • 91springboard


While working away at 91springboard, you will not get the feeling that you are missing out on being in a famous business district with top-end facilities and restaurants.


The office spaces let you work, take a break, and break out a game. It has a presence in the best locales of Bengaluru’s urban areas. So, you will love being at work. Work can mix with play seamlessly.


91springboard also delivers on the most critical factors of a co-working space.


It provides the security needed for you to work without hassle and the caffeine fix to keep you going. It provides conference rooms and 24 x 7 access that helps you work at your own pace.




  • MG Road
  • Indiranagar
  • Koramangala 7th
  • Koramangala 8th block
  • Mahadevpura
  • JP Nagar




  • Individual hot desk: Rs 6700/month onwards
  • Individual dedicated desk: Rs 8400/month onwards
  • Private cabin: Rs 9400/month


Special Amenities


  • Attractive freebies. It includes offerings from Amazon Web Services, Hubspot, Vodafone, and Zoomcar, among others


  • A virtual office offers postal mail C/O 91springboard address. It also has a mail forwarding option


The 5 Biggest Advantages of Co-working


We will touch on many of these benefits of co-working spaces throughout this article. But here is a rundown of the primary reasons why people love using co-working spaces. 


  • Motivation


There is just energy of productivity in the air when you are in a room full of driven people. It is nearly impossible to slack off. You will get a lot done.


  • Community


There is a sense of community. It is impressive how far above and beyond the community will help one another succeed in places with regulars and familiar faces.


  • Flexibility


You can get much more flexible deals instead of a long-term lease. It is excellent for startups with small bootstrap budgets. Even independent freelancers can find affordable options.


  • Getting Outside of the Home


Working from home is excellent, but it is easy to fall into a rut, too. Being around other people is right for your spirits. It can keep you sharp. It is great for creativity.


  • Networking


You have professionals with a lot in common. So, it is only a matter of time until you start to network. New opportunities start to flow organically.


Who Uses Co-working Spaces?


Co-working spaces are popular in the freelancing and startup worlds. When co-working spaces came about, it was typical to think “startup” and picture some (over the top) office buildings. It was thought that everyone rode around on unicycles and sat in giant bean bag chairs.


But many take advantage of co-working. So who uses co-working spaces?


  • Freelancers or Remote Workers


Freelancers work for themselves. So, having a pay-as-go type of arrangement can save a fortune. Not only that, but a co-working space is a great way to meet other entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is an excellent place to network.


You may be a digital publisher, a creative freelancer, a programmer, or more of a Jack/Jill of all trades. You may meet people at a co-working space working on similar things.


Beyond that, you may even have a chance to chat with people that can help out with some of the areas that are not your strengths.


When you have so many people in one space, it is incredible to come up with such a diversity of talents. This is true even if everyone is doing their own thing.


Do not get the wrong idea. It is not like everyone is just sitting around, talking to everybody about their projects.


However, there is a bit of downtime and areas you can chat while taking a break. But the real appeal is the raw, unadulterated focus and motivation you will encounter in most good co-working spaces.


There is indeed unique energy when you have a room filled with motivated people who are all working towards building their dreams.


  • Small Businesses


Small businesses that do not want the same overhead as a traditional lease has flocked to co-working.


There are minimum costs of getting set up. Also, the co-working membership includes most (if not all) of the amenities a business needs today.


So, it is no wonder why small businesses now make up a majority of co-working space users. 


  • Enterprises


Even large global enterprises like Nike have partnered with co-working companies to handle their workspace needs.


When you have thousands of employees working around the world, managing office needs can be a hassle.


These companies leverage a co-working company to build a custom space or serve as the primary anchor tenant in the space.


  • Non-Profits


Many co-working spaces offer non-profit arrangements or discounts.


Due to all-in cost savings of co-working (and being cost-conscious), these companies have also gravitated towards these flexible co-working relationships.


Co-working Vs. Other Remote Work Alternatives


  • Working From Home


There are pros and cons to the classic “office culture.” Many online-based entrepreneurs get into business for themselves to escape certain aspects of the typical corporate lifestyle and culture.


Working remotely has opened up all sorts of possibilities. Despite the benefits, there are certain things you miss out on, too.


Working from home has many advantages. It is great to wake up when you want, take breaks when you want, and wear pants.


But at the end of the day, it is also easy to lose focus and get off track.


There is something about being in an office setting that helps keep you motivated, on-task, and getting the most out of your time.


You may be a freelancer or anyone else who sets your schedule. It is excellent not to have a boss looking over your shoulder and tracking your time, but you are still accountable to yourself.


There is a certain amount of accountability that exists when you are working among other people. Even if they have nothing to do with your project, they are not your coworkers, and you do not even speak a word to them.


  • Working From Coffee Shops or Restaurants


Many new co-working models have turned these spaces into pop-up co-working spaces. This is during their closed or unused hours.


Coffee shops have been associated with work environments. This is due to the accessibility of tables and limitless coffee.


Aside from this, there are other advantages like fast Wi-Fi and space to work for a coffee’s low price.


Like all benefits, there are downsides. Since these spaces are often open to quick drop-ins, there could be noise and other distractions preventing you from getting work done.


Top Tips to Consider When Choosing a Co-working Space


With 2020 around the corner and co-working spaces projected to exceed 23,000 worldwide, how do you choose the best co-working space that fits your needs? Before making your selection, you should follow these top 6 tips when selecting a co-working space:


  • Location


For obvious reasons, location is the most crucial element when choosing your perfect office space. Choose a space that is within a reasonable distance from your home. Look for conveniences such as restaurants. There must be the availability of parking, shops, and public transit. These make it easy to access and entertain clients.


  • Budget


The space you choose must offer an affordable and long-term solution for your team. If you are going to outgrow the space within a few months, you need to consider it. Determine what your budget is in advance. It will help you filter our spaces that are much too expensive from an early stage, saving you time (and money).


  • Work Environment


Do you need a dedicated office or work in an open space with the use of meeting rooms? Are there legal restrictions? It would help if you made sure that you fulfill your foundational business needs wherever you choose to work.


  • Community


Once you have determined if space meets your needs and budget, you can look into some of the space’s more fun aspects. What type of community do you see yourself in? 


Each co-working space attracts members from local neighborhoods.


You may be a graphic designer. Then you may want to choose a space with other designers you can collaborate with.


Besides the “business” reasons for joining a community, you want to be encouraged to come to work every day, network, and make new friends. 


  • Short-Term or Long-Term?


Planning for the future is a basic business strategy. How long do you plan on using co-working spaces? Are you planning on expanding nationally or globally? Does the co-working space you choose to offer access to a network of locations? These are essential elements that you should have the answer to before picking a space.


  • Amenities


Although just icing on the cake, choosing a co-working space that boasts unique amenities is always a plus. You should look for facilities such as free coffee, Wi-Fi, and printing. But finding a space that can offer above and beyond will make your work life much better.


Famous companies that started in a co-working space


Major players that began as light-bulb moments in co-working spaces include:



Uber has proved that co-working spaces create exposure and opportunities. Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick got together in a co-working space. They set out to solve the taxi cab crisis in San Francisco. 51 countries later, they are still going strong with teams working in co-working spaces around the world.



Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom had a few hiccups along the way. But they managed to develop the Instagram app in 8 weeks in a co-working space.



One of the world’s biggest crowdfunding portals began in a Wall Street analyst’s brain, Danae Ringelmann, in a co-working space.



The app was a year in the making. Christy Liu and three other intrepid co-founders created it in a co-working space. It was bought out by TripAdvisor.




Many of these young guns who set up co-working spaces in Bengaluru are themselves, entrepreneurs. They strive to make headway in the startup space.


Do not shy away from discussing your needs. This is because these non-conventional space providers would be more than happy to accommodate young guns with fiery ambition.



They offer stimulation where you need it while cutting down your pain points. This is a win-win for all parties concerned.


However unique your needs for co-working spaces in Bengaluru might be, you are bound to find a solution.


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