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How to Use Translation to Get Your Business in Front of a Global Audience Quickly and Easily


You want to get your businesses in front of as many people as fast as possible. After all, more hits on your website means more potential customers, which in turn means more potential sales. Translation companies can help with getting your business in front of a global audience much faster. You can use a translation services company to help with digital marketing to achieve this. Choose the best translation company and they can also help elevate your more traditional marketing. You can even use an international company to help with market research, to provide you with in-depth insights into new markets.


Using Translation Companies for Traditional Marketing

If you want your product to land with a global audience quickly, you’ll need to nail your marketing approach in any region. Solid marketing techniques connect the right demographics with your business. When it comes to translation, the best marketing messages connect your product to certain trends in the foreign market, while also connecting your business with the local culture.


An important part of international marketing is making sure your product and message fit that local culture in each area in which you plan to operate. As it relates to traditional marketing, this process might update:


  • Graphics and layouts in elements like adverts, so that they make sense in the new culture and language
  • Formats like measurement units, phone numbers, currency symbols and addresses in print media or television ads
  • Content that fits with market regulations, like disclosure regulations about the nature of products or data handling
  • The core of the message and tone, so that it does not offend the local culture


Making your product fit the local culture is essential when it comes to getting your business in front of a global audience quickly and effectively. By using translation companies that are well-versed in this process, you can make sure your product is getting in front of audiences quickly, but not in a way that will be rushed and culturally backfire.


Using a Translation Company for Digital Advertising

The best translation companies can also help with newer ways for getting the word out about your products. You can undertake all of the methods below from behind your computer keyboard.


We’ve tapped a translation company for digital advertising efforts, Tomedes, because they’ve grown their presence 80% online for the past 14 years.


Social media marketing:

Social media is a very conversational and direct type of communication. Translations need to have a high level of accuracy, but they also need to look organic to the local culture and the social media platform you’re using. The right company will need to provide expertise when it comes to the markets you’re reaching out to – and the social media platforms that you’re doing so through.


Display advertising:

This is a type of digital advertising that covers banner ads, audio, video, text ads and anything else that is attention-grabbing. Good translation companies can handle the text, as well as updating the graphics to fit into the new culture.


Pay per click:

This is a digital ad that generates revenue based on how many people click it. The average click-through rate for Google Ads is around 17%. So, ads must be well translated and designed to make sure as many people as possible click on them.


Content marketing:

This type of digital marketing uses text like blogs, articles or social media updates to spread useful and engaging information in a way that makes people aware of the brand as well. As an example, an outdoor sports retailer might write an article about camping safety tips in the heat. A translation services company can make sure that your text sounds natural and fits the local culture’s expectations.



A translation services company can also handle emails – anything from sales emails to newsletters. It can help the email sound professional and native. If your emails look poorly translated, people may think they are a scam. The average ecommerce email open rate is 68%, according to MailChimp, so it pays to make sure your emails are perfect in any language, both in the layout of the email and the wording.


Finding the Best Translation Company to Help with Market Research

If you want to expand quickly into a new market, don’t skip the initial market research. It does no good if you rush to embrace the global marketplace, only to find your product has little appeal outside of a specific region.


You should always conduct market research, using demographic surveys, social media usage statistics and trending topics, POS data, credit card monitoring or other data sources from foreign markets that help you analyze how your company could perform in the new region. Translation companies can help you translate and make sense of these foreign data sources. By entering each region well prepared, you can save time and money by targeting the areas you’re most likely to be successful in.

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