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A startup is crucial for a business, and here you can learn why

  • December 9, 2021
  • AF Bureau
The importance of a Startup

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” – said Alice. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat. “I don’t much care where,” said Alice. “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” answered the Cat.  

This conversation from the famous book/movie “Alice in Wonderland” is so natural that we may question ourselves: “How are we going to get there if we don’t know where we’re going?” 

Our brain operates based on objectives; if we do not tell it where we want to go, it will be of little assistance in getting us there. 


To start at first, we must first determine where we want to go. Next, we must ask ourselves what we want to achieve, what our values guide us, and why we are here. These questions may force us to confront our reality and consider possible changes, thus opening the door to the possibility of being able to modify our lives. 

When we have a clear purpose, it is easier to give meaning and significance to every action we perform on a daily basis. When we discover our life’s purpose, our world becomes more apparent, and our perspective on things improves. Only after we have given careful consideration to these questions will we be able to clearly define what we want to accomplish and the resources we have available to complete it. 

Only from that point on, we set coherent goals for ourselves that will bring us closer and closer to our reason for being on this planet. Thus, providing us with the ability to direct all of our effort and potential toward achieving goals that make us feel fuller and more fulfilled, in a nutshell, happier. 

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The startup stage 

It is necessary to take action once it has been determined that there is a market opportunity and that the basic financials of the venture have been verified before proceeding. During the startup stage, you will be responsible for putting your business plan into action and turning your vision into a reality. In the development of the venture, this is a critical stage that is particularly vulnerable and for which support and vigilance in the execution are essential elements of success. 


It is frequently necessary to manage limited resources and time and form a team of individuals who work well together. This is to bring a venture to life and prepare for its entry into the market. Hence, with this stage, it is expected that the entrepreneur will begin to produce on a small scale. Also, they will make their first sales as soon as possible. 

Real projects, rather than ideas, are what investors are looking for. The key to success lies in the process of turning your idea into a reality, as well as in the business model that will allow it to be profitable. And keep in mind that no idea is absurd. 

The concept is essential, but it is not conclusive. It has a significant impact on the market, but it is not absolute. What matters is how well the plan is executed, and the team decides this. The key is not the idea, but the business model, and it is acceptable to make mistakes along the way, but you must devote a significant amount of time to it.  

The importance of a Startup 

  • The difference between startups depends on the digital technology, ability to innovate, agility, and willingness to take and manage risks. They maintain a close connection with technology, enabling entrepreneurs to develop new ideas and establish them in the market quickly. Businesses that startup is agents of change, capable of altering the environment and resolving complex problems. They now have the opportunity to take advantage of new technologies, develop value propositions that are tied to a business idea, and reach new audiences by leveraging these opportunities. 
  • What to offer the market, how to do it, who will be the target audience, how to sell a product or service, and what will be the method of generating revenue are all questions that must be answered by establishing a business model. Modeling approaches that work have the capability of generating value for customers.  

They have a clearly defined value proposition, distinguish themselves from their competitors, establish strong ties with customers, and foster long-term customer loyalty. Startups have a remarkable ability to stay on top of market trends and provide innovative solutions quickly. Hence, tailoring them to the changes taking place in society and people’s changing consumption habits. At the same time, they recognize the importance of the customer to their business and work hard to keep in touch with them consistently. 

An overview

  • Traditional companies, the majority of which are less adaptable to change, are well aware that overnight competition can completely transform an industry, and as a result, they have accelerated their digital transformation efforts. Starting a business is an important source of innovation for companies, which is where startups come into play. In this sense, a collaboration between startups and established businesses is becoming increasingly common; both are motivated by the same goal of growth. So, as as a result, rely on one another to grow their respective companies. In addition, startups bring talent and technology to companies, positively impact them, and help them digitize their operations, among other things. 

Being open to change is one of the most critical aspects of digital transformation. This is especially in today’s world, where change happens so quickly. A second reason why startups are so valuable to established businesses is that they are agile, adapt quickly to changing conditions, and effectively manage risks. 


Launching a startup is essential because they are the protagonists of disruptive changes in the business ecosystem; because they lead innovation and bring it to large corporations, driving their digitization. This is because they generate new business models, develop innovative solutions quickly and have the ability to adapt rapidly and effectively to changes in the environment and society; and because they create new products and services that meet the needs of today’s customers. 

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