Require Equity Financing?

ALCOR’s Harvard educated team yields global relationships with more than 600 funds worldwide and can help you in a different type of equity financing like:

  • Angel Capital
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Global Investment Funds

Our free eligibility report helps to check your business preparedness score for equity funding by clicking this link here

Require Debt Financing?

Be it a start-up or a large-sized enterprise, our ALCOR’s Harvard educated team understands your requirements and helps you borrow capital that offers the best deals in terms of rate of interest from trusted financial institutions. We assist our clients in the following types of debt financing:

  • Asset/ Collateral Capital
  • Working Capital
  • Bridge Capital
  • Mezzanine Capital
  • Capital Preparedness

Take our free feasibility report to check your business preparedness score for equity funding.

Looking for Sell/Exit?

It might be a tumultuous time for you while planning to exit from your business. Our team of Harvard educated experts brings forth all options and possibilities and make an impactful plan after reviewing your current situation and forecasting your growth. We assist in:

  • Sellers of the companies
  • Buyers of the companies
  • Companies who are thinking of franchising
  • Companies who are thinking of licensing and royalty

Take our free eligibility report to check your business preparedness score for selling/acquiring/franchising/licensing or royalty income.

Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility study is the professional way to prepare for your major proposal and reduce the chances of failure. It identifies the key issues you will have to address to succeed. Alcor’s feasibility study evaluates the project’s potential for success, therefore, perceived objectivity is an important factor in the credibility of the study for potential investors and lending institutions. Investment proposals, involving huge capital outlay are invariably irreversible. Therefore, before starting a project/proposal, it is necessary and imperative to find out whether the same is feasible or not.

Business Idea Commercial Viability Analysis

ALCOR’s Harvard educated team gives you a professional assessment of the viability of your business idea, i.e., its ability to start, generate revenue, receive funding and then sustain. We know the target markets and will help you create a strategy that helps you fruitfully shape your business. Take our free eligibility report to check your idea preparedness score for commercial feasibility Viability.

Funding Feasibility Analysis

ALCOR's Harvard educated team has strong relationship with a broad range of Investors and lenders such as banks, NBFC, VC firms across the world. Its ties with 600 PE, 700 Venture Capital, and 3000+Angel Investors, 500 banks, and 1000 debt funds across 30 countries and can speed up the funding for any project if it is commercially viable. Take our free eligibility report to check your idea preparedness score for funding.

Business Preparedness and Gap Analysis for funding

ALCOR’s Harvard educated team analyses the business through a 16 lens program which helps you to check through performances of market leaders in the vertical to understand the growth gap analysis, and then recommend the changes to secure funding. Take the free eligibility report to check your business preparedness score for funding.

Why ALCOR for Buying and Selling a company globally?

ALCOR is a global investment bank headquartered in Chicago. We have an elaborate database of around 200,000 companies and funds in more than 80 sectors with detailed coverage that includes historical detail, multiples, comparables, and original documents of various corporations and deals. The Harvard Business School educated team provides the best structure, negotiations, valuations, and interface to let you secure the best value at a sale or while acquiring. We are the most credible source of corporate financial analysis in the Mergers and Acquisition space with data covering multiple businesses across North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. We aim to help you work more efficiently with our specially designed solutions that let you navigate through the deal data smoothly and quickly. You can search by applying multiple criteria, including multiples, and do a complete analysis on a set of deals.

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Getting into Merger or Acquisition

How well you are prepared for Franchising

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Silicon India names ALCOR as brand of the year 2016 in Investment Banking Platform Category.

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