The Challenges

It was a cross-border deal. Therefore it was a challenge for us to seek out the cultural and regional differences and to take hold of the geographically spread business operations and employees.

The organization had a distinct working model, customer-based, and the other followed the innovation-based approach. We collaborated with the CEO and other senior executives to design an integration plan to overcome the risks and make this merger a profitable venture.

Our Recommendations

We outlined three significant risks and made the recommendations to overcome them:

Distinct vision: Our team organized workshops with the executives of both the organizations to arrive at a common platform of a shared vision.

Business disruptions: We identified employees that would be most impacted by this transition and organizational trouble spots. After this, we crafted a mitigation plan to mobilize the critical staff of both organizations.

Cultural and regional differences: We prepared an action plan to bridge the cultural and geographical gaps between the organization’s leaders and employees to create a one team attitude.

The Results

With our strategically designed plan, we were able to integrate the organization with a rising growth curve. The client and its acquired supplier smoothly executed the Merger. The Merger took place at the scheduled time. Our client successfully retained the talented resources and improved customer base and relationship.

The sales of the client went up by 21%, with margins rising to 18%, and the sales of the acquired supplier increased to 16%, with a 25% increase in the operational profits.