Brief Intro

An American acquirer had identified a Heavy Metal Manufacturing company as a potential acquisition target, but needed to quantify the potential benefits. ALCOR’s Harvard Graduate Team successfully accomplished the task with their expertise. Pre Purchased EBITDA: 10%


ALCOR’s Investment Banking team performed due diligence, initial negotiations to help the client move quickly and make an early bid, which went unchallenged and stood out. Within three years of the acquisition EBITDA also doubled. EBITDA after 3 years: 23%


An American acquiror had identified Heavy Metal Manufacturing Company, as a potential acquisition target and needed to quantify the potential benefits before it closed the deal.

  • American acquirer faced certain competitors where there was a European firm which was having advanced technology and that will allow to run business 20% faster.
  • Another firm from South East Asia shared their plant between two businesses which helped
    in reducing costs by 25%.


Although competitors had cost and technology advantages, the American Acquirer could still improve operating performance significantly because they were well established in the

Heavy Metal Manufacturing Company had potential options:

  • Filling the company’s plants to full potential could increase the EBITDA margin from 18% to 25% but it be cost disadvantage.
  • But Heavy Metal Manufacturing Company’s should also be able to reduce SG&A from 15% of sales to less than 5% of sales over the next year, which could imply its profit margins by 4-8% lower than those of competitors.

That’s when ALCOR’s IB recommended ABC for certain price of bid on Heavy Metal Manufacturing Company.


Thanks to ALCOR’s quick due diligence, and negotiations, the American acquirer made an early and unchallenged bid for Heavy Metal Manufacturing Company which stood out from other bids. The result was successful exceeding client expectations.