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Equipment Maintenance Management Software: A Cost-Effective Solution for Startups

Equipment Maintenance Management Software

Equipment maintenance management software tools you can use for managing and monitoring the technical condition of your company’s equipment. This software is helpful for companies that operate equipment, buildings, and facilities. 

High maintenance levels and repair processes require a stable budget, and sometimes when you have a startup, it’s nearly impossible to do this. 

However, equipment maintenance management software significantly helps you eliminate this issue. Let’s find out why it’s an effective solution for most startups. 


Business repair and maintenance processes cover numerous stages of the asset lifecycle, from the day they are used until their disposal. Equipment maintenance is usually performed by technicians, depending on their equipment.

However, businesses will distinguish these types of maintenance and repairs: 

  • Routine repairs: Performed to keep assets operational. 
  • Medium repairs: Performed to keep assets in working form and restore service life. 
  • Predictive & preventive maintenance: Follows information analysis received from real-time equipment sensors. Preventive maintenance sets up the operational documents based on the manufacturer’s schedule. 
  • Asset restoration: In other words, it’s called “Overhaul,” which is used to completely restore the asset’s service lifecycle. 
  • Routine repairs: Performed to keep assets operational. 

Since equipment itself isn’t cheap to buy, optimizing it is what will drive long-term returns on investments. Here’s what equipment maintenance management software does for you: 

  • Keeping an accurate record of all your assets. 
  • Scheduling maintenance activities and tasks and keeping track of all your work. 
  • Generating the reports you want. 
  • Protects you against any cybersecurity threats 
  • It stores important data in one place. Personnel can access all of this information via computer from any location. 

A company’s maintenance management software has to be modified, and most of the time, companies will consult with experts to find out if they need additional programs for the software they are using. 


How do you choose the right equipment maintenance solution? 

While there are many solutions available for businesses of different sizes, when deciding which software to use for equipment maintenance, you must see which industries it supports. Not every software operates in the same industry, so pay close attention to this. 

Each industry has its own service requirements and reporting styles, so choose software that fits this criterion. Additionally, there are other factors you need to look into as well when deciding which is the right software for you. This counts to look at what kind of order management, maintenance management, times, costs, details, and schedule maintenance the software offers. 

For instance, using a mobile platform will allow you to take pictures of your finished work and the problems you face. 

Don’t forget to check for the analytics dashboards, which will easily allow you to track maintenance costs and processing times. This is primarily used for checking equipment history and allowing you to optimize your workflows.


Why using equipment maintenance management software is cost-effective?

Equipment maintenance management software is a cost-effective solution for startups looking to manage and maintain their equipment efficiently. This type of software allows businesses to schedule and track maintenance tasks, create work orders, and generate reports on equipment performance. 

Using equipment maintenance management software, startups can save time and money by preventing equipment breakdowns and identifying potential issues before they become significant problems. 

Additionally, the software can help businesses optimize their maintenance schedules and allocate resources more effectively. Overall, equipment maintenance management software is valuable for startups looking to streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

Adding to the organizational benefits, equipment maintenance management software can also help businesses improve their equipment performance. By tracking and analyzing maintenance data, businesses can identify trends and patterns that may indicate potential problems with their equipment. For example, if a piece of equipment is consistently experiencing breakdowns, the software can help the business identify the root cause and take steps to address it.


5 Equipment maintenance management software you should consider using 

1. Fleetio 

Fleetio is an excellent equipment maintenance management software you can use. This software’s positive side is that everything is organized all in one for your fleet’s small equipment and robust tools. This way, you can track small equipment and improve your team’s accountability for getting things done. 

Fleetio is trusted by large corporations like Subaru, Stanley Steemer, Boyle, AAA, and more. 

Pricing plans with Fleetio start at $3 per month per vehicle, but if you pay annually. If you pay every month, you’ll be paying $4 per month. So every plan Fleetio offers will be more expensive monthly. Additionally, you get a 14-day free trial to test the software out. 


2. Fullbay 

Fullbay is an industry-leading software for equipment maintenance. You can customize Fullbay for tracking maintenance, repairs, and more based on your customer’s equipment. It helps your techs become more efficient in their work and minimize downtimes for repairs needed. 

Moreover, you can download the app on the internet because it “lives in the cloud.” Fullbay is mostly used by truck shops since it’s mainly used for heavy-duty diesel trucks and repairing ambulances or fire trucks. 

Pricing with Fullbay isn’t publicly available, so your best bet is to request a custom quote from their website directly. 


3. Traction 

Tractian is a cost-effective software for equipment maintenance, allowing users to fully monitor their machine’s health in real time.

Key features include: 

  • Work order management 
  • Job management 
  • Equipment tracking 
  • Maintenance scheduling 

Tractian is primarily used in the automotive industry, manufacturing, packaging, steel, and pharmaceuticals. 

Pricing with Tractian requires you to contact them directly on their website


4. Snappii

Snappii is a codeless mobile app from a development platform. The platform offers several apps for the heavy equipment industry, which is an easy-to-use mobile solution for helping drivers, technicians, contracts, and more. The best part is that you can choose from over 400 templates or even have the app created for you. 

Snappii is a popular option for businesses of all sizes but is mainly used by small businesses. Pricing with Snappii is usually created based on pay-per-use. Its most affordable plan starts at $0.99, while the premium plan- “The Public app,” starts at $250. With the premium plan, you get more than 200 business app templates, data sharing within the cloud, monthly payments, unlimited users, and more. 


5. eWorkOrders CMMS 

eWorkOrders is a budget-friendly CMMS equipment maintenance software that seeks to improve productivity levels, reduce overspending, downtime, and improve efficiency. It’s highly user-friendly and allows you to create and manage your own maintenance schedules, checklists, manuals, and many more features the platform offers. 

eWorkOrders serves many industries you can think of, from work order management to asset management and more. 

Furthermore, pricing isn’t publicly available, so you will need to contact eWorkOrders directly to get more information regarding pricing plans. 



Based on what we analyzed, equipment maintenance management software helps you clarify your equipment maintenance schedule, order management, enables you to stay on track with your spending habits, avoids overspending, and much more. 

However, the only important thing to pay attention to is ensuring the software you choose is related to your industry. After you clarify this, it’ll be easier for you to decide. 


About the author:

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