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Top Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Vital For Small Businesses

Video Marketing Is Vital For Small Businesses

Starting and growing a business is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort, patience, strategies, perseverance, and most importantly, thorough knowledge of the current trends and the industry that you wish to be a part of. One such trending topic and a top strategy that every business, small or big, believes in is video marketing!

In an era where social media is growing by leaps and bounds, using it to the advantage of the business is one of the best decisions an organization can make. And as mentioned earlier, video marketing is one such boon of social media to businesses globally. Hence, today, we shall learn about some top 7 reasons for small businesses increasing inclination towards video marketing. But before that, let us understand briefly – video marketing. 

Video marketing is one of the many online marketing techniques that use videos: 

  1. Promotes your organization (brand)
  2. Promotes your products or services

The ultimate result of using this technique is not just increasing your reach or customer engagement but also making the final sale.

7 Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing: 

Small businesses strive hard to sustain themselves in the ever-competitive market. It takes all the might and self-belief to reach the audiences and sell your USPs for them(customers) to trust you. Hence, one of the best marketing strategies an any small business can depend on to grow and flourish is video marketing. Let us see how it is possible to succeed using video marketing. 

Brand Awareness: Human behavior is a never-ending topic of research. And one such study that benefits organizations today shows that people prefer videos to texts and that the retention of videos is more than textual or written content. Videos attract and engage people. Hence, creating the right video with the appropriate online video editor is a way to connect with the audience. 

Boost Social Media Engagement: Social Media or digital engagement makes or breaks the audience traffic and ultimately conversion of the views and clicks to sales. Besides promoting the product or services, digital marketing or social media engagement attract viewers based on the social interaction (customer service), images, the influencers promoting your services, etc. As a result, you increase your reach while allowing the customers to connect emotionally with the brand.  

Increase Online Presence: With the increase in social media engagement, the business’s online presence is bound to increase. Videos encourage the audience to subscribe to your social media page. Hence, it is essential to create an engaging and relevant video using the many online video editors and online voice generator that are easy to understand.

Affordable strategy: Traditional print ads are expensive. And small businesses can’t afford to invest in print media. And hence video marketing is a savior for such entrepreneurs, as this is a cheaper alternative to broadcast your brand. All you need is a good video camera with decent editing skills and an easy-to-use online video editor to polish the few technical issues present in the recorded content. 

Increases sales: The very reason a business comes into being is profit, and they can earn profit by increasing the sale of the products or services. The above benefits, i.e., brand awareness, online presence, build trust and boost the engagement between the company and the consumers. A video enhances your sales pitch and converts clicks and views to conversions! 

Mobile friendly: There are billions of users across the globe who use mobiles as their primary means of communicating on social media. So, if your 2 minutes video on any social media platform can reach billions of audiences. The chances of at least a hundred or a thousand views converting to sales are high. As a result, video is the most user-friendly way of marketing. 

  1. Better SEO: Apart from blogs and other digital marketing strategies, a considerable chunk of SEO is done through video marketing. It increases the number of people visiting your website or social media handle. One of the simplest ways to increase video views, engagement, and Google rankings is to add subtitles with Happy Scribe. It helps in increasing the video’s audio quality. The more people visit your website, the more time they spend on the page and the more trustworthy your website becomes. As a result, your brand tops the search engine results. Since portals like YouTube have billions and trillions of content, optimizing a video positively affects the business.

Parting Words:

Creating an engaging video is no rocket science, but it requires practice, dedication, clarity of thoughts, and creativity. Being a small business, we understand there are many tasks on your to-do list which might take up most of your time. However, creating the best marketing strategy is also equally crucial. Without marketing your services or products, it is impossible to achieve the targets and the goal of growth and sustainability.

We know after reading this article you may have the question – ‘How to optimize videos to suit the SEO needs?’ Fret not. We have the answers. They are:

  • Produce Relevant Content: This is crucial, since sharing irrelevant data might make your brand vague and unfocussed. 
  • Update your content: Be regular! Have a calendar prepared to share/update the content steadily. This helps build trust and curiosity among the audience.
  • Metadata: While creating a website, add metadata or information about the content. This shows viewers what to expect on your website or video. 
  • Guide audiences through the relevant links across the content. 

We are sure you have enjoyed reading these valuable pieces of information. And we are optimistic that these tips and tricks, as well as benefits, would motivate you to start using video marketing for your business (that is if you haven’t yet started using this great strategy). And suppose you felt a little unsure about the concept of video marketing. In that case, we hope this effort from us to clarify the idea and the benefits of video marketing would have been helpful for you to optimize your marketing plan to use video marketing. 

As a bonus for all our audiences, we are sharing some top trends in video marketing:

  1. Interactive videos
  2. Live video stream
  3. Short-Form Videos
  4. Shoppable videos
  5. Optimizing the videos for search engines (SEO friendly)

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