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10 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

10 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

The ability to get fast cash always looks like a good idea. But it becomes especially relevant during a pandemic. How to create sources of passive income to get fast cash? There are tons of good options out there actually. Fast cash is a type of earnings that requires a minimum investment of time and effort.

It is worth dispelling the main misconception: getting fast cash does not mean that you have to sit and wait for account replenishment without doing anything. Almost every type of passive income requires some work and investment, especially at the start. After that, it will generate income without requiring your activity when it comes to fast cash.

Need fast cash urgently? Today there are many ways to make money quickly, starting from getting a loan at payday loans and ending up advertising on Youtube. Alternatively, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of jobs and provides everyone with the opportunity to easily find all sorts of part-time jobs giving fast cash. This article lists 10 easy ways to earn fast cash.

10 Ways to Earn Extra Cash

Car as a Source of Fast Cash

You can rent your car to a taxi service or rent it. But you should understand that just giving the car and waiting for income will not work. You will have to control everything in order to get fast cash. First, you need to understand the legal side of the issue. Secondly, choose a competent tenant (individuals, transport companies, local taxi companies, aggregators) and determine the terms of cooperation with them. Thirdly, it is worthwhile to draw up a plan for the income and expenses of the project in advance to determine how profitable it is to get fast cash. This idea is suitable for those who are well-versed in the intricacies of taxi companies and transport companies.

Game and Mobile Application Development

This is an up-to-date profitable idea. The mobile app market is growing steadily every day. Many new products are emerging that generate a lot of revenue. You develop an app, upload it to an app store or your own website, and then start earning fast cash as passive income. This can be paid for the application itself or for a piece of content, or payment for displaying ads in the application.

Even if you are an entry level game developer there are so many jobs available. Keep in mind that developing an app requires certain skills. However, selling the apps requires investing in advertising.

Selling Photos or Author’s Illustrations on Stocks

Photographers, artists, and illustrators can earn fast cash on their art online. To do this, there are a huge number of photo stocks, exchanges, and other services that allow you to sell images.

The general scheme of earnings looks like this:

  • Choose a service, register on it;
  • Upload your work (photos/illustrations);
  • Pass the exam from the service, get admission to the sale;
  • Choose the terms of sale on which the amount of royalties depends;
  • You receive income for downloading your content.

You can post your work on photo stocks (special sites where the author receives money from each sale of the work). Most popular photo stocks: Shutterstock, Depositphotos. There are a huge number of them so you can choose the right option for yourself. Behance and Dribbble platforms are suitable for selling illustrations. But in order to reach a high income, you will have to work hard and create a large portfolio first. The more content there is the more downloads and fast cash you get.

Creation and Sale of Info Products

If you are an expert in some field, you can earn fast cash on information products: sell courses, training materials, webinars, guides, etc. Even though the topic has long been heard and is actively used by many, it is still relevant. The essence of the idea is this: you create 1 information product, and then sell it many times. The sales mechanism can work automatically if you configure all the tools.

Earnings on Social Networks

You can create your blog, channel, public, and connect to it various ways of earning: from advertising, selling your products, and ending with donations (rewards from grateful subscribers). For example, you can create a channel on any service and make a subscription to your account paid. You can also make quick money on streams and views of video content. If you do not want to create your blog from scratch, then you can buy a ready-made project and make money on it. Owners of successful public pages and channels often sell their resource which already has a certain audience.

Partnership Programs

An affiliate program is an interaction between an advertiser and a partner who is selling. Anyone can earn fast cash in the following way: the owner of the community, the owner of the account, and even those who are not registered in social networks.

The system looks as follows:

  • you post on your page information about special products, goods, and services connected to affiliate programs;
  • people follow your link and make sales;
  • you get your percentage from each sale.

Your earnings consist of a percentage of advertisers’ sales or a fixed amount. You won’t earn a lot of fast cash but the idea can be considered as a source of additional income.

Buying Websites

Recently, such a source of passive income as buying a ready-made website is gaining popularity. There are unprofitable and profitable projects so sites are constantly buying and selling. As a rule, the price of the site is calculated based on the payback of the project. But it all depends on the method of monetization: sites with passive income are more expensive. Thus, buying a website is a profitable investment that can quickly pay off and bring fast cash. The main thing in this business is to be able to correctly analyze offers and buy promising sites.

Old Stuff Sale

In a crisis with limited resources, these directions can become profitable. There are many successful directions for implementing the idea of ​​earning fast cash on old things.

Here are some of these ideas:

  • Second-hand bookstore;
  • Rental of decor in vintage and retro style;
  • Museum of old things;
  • Recyclable materials collection point;
  • Second-hand shops.

Billboards Rent

Outdoor advertising is always relevant and is in great demand among customers who want to earn fast cash. Therefore, you can make a lot of money by renting advertising space. For example, roller boards. Such structures are installed on busy city streets and do not take up much space. Many billboards are equipped with a scrolling mechanism that allows you to display up to four advertising messages from different customers.

It is also worth mentioning other lucrative passive income ideas that are associated with advertising placement: advertising in elevators, on street screens, video stands, etc. The principle is the same everywhere. We set up advertising space, rent it out and get our fast cash from it.


Vending is suitable for those who want to get maximum profit with minimum effort. You buy a vending machine for a specific product, install it in a crowded place and start earning. Your participation in business is minimal: it is enough to come 2-3 times a week to replenish goods or consumables and collect the proceeds.

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