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Technology Start Up Wave to Watch Out for in 2021

  • August 21, 2020
  • AF Bureau

A technology start-up is a new and fast-growing company whose purpose is to bring innovative technology products or services to market. These companies either deliver new or existing technology products/services in better ways. 


Technology Startups generally start small but their main aim is rapid growth. Despite the ups and downs(mostly downs!) of 2020, the global technology start-up ecosystem continues to grow rapidly.


The market is changing and so is our perspective of the world. Technology Startups try to solve a problem where the solution may not be obvious. Moreover, no one can guarantee success.


Although if successful, they have the potential of changing our lifestyles further. So, they must make sure they pitch their business idea to the right entities to get the due attention.


Stream makes customer assistance more convenient and immediate. Customers tend to get disgruntled when they don’t get the support they expect from the company.


In addition, the stream is a revolution in customer support that helps your customers pinpoint the problem through the lens of their smartphone, and your team can guide them through AR cues right at the instant.


Stream- Tech start up


Teams are often overwhelmed with excess emails, phone calls, shoulder taps, and tickets. Capacity is a new variety of helpdesk, powered by artificial intelligence, that automates support for employees and clients.


Organizations prefer the Capacity to encourage the next stage of self-service by overcoming the time wasted hunting for data, solving repeated issues, and completing wearisome tasks.


Organizational knowledge and the interactions within each business help Capacity’s AI to leaned to automate processes and decisions. So, knowledge Base, Helpdesk, Enterprise Search, Cloud Drive, and Workflows productivity tools powers capacity.

Capacity - tech startup

With Kazoo, you can purchase or fund your car entirely online and have it home in as little as 72 hours. You can search their vehicles and complete your purchase from the comfort of home and in your own time. 


Kazoo fully reconditioned every car, so quality comes guaranteed. Therefore, the cars have to go through a 150+ point inspection to be certified before they are listed for sale.



Cazoo- Technology start up


Labster is committed to developing wholly interactive advanced lab simulations involving mathematical algorithms that encourage open-ended studies.


The company strives to arouse students’ innate curiosity and highlight the relationship between science and the real world. 


The laboratories use various internationally distinguished universities. So, it has received more than 10M USD in grant funding for cutting-edge R&D projects.


Labster- Technology Start up


Algolia is the search-as-a-service program that allows companies to deliver quick and relevant digital expertise that drives real results. With Algolia, customers can readily discover what they need across the web, mobile, and voice. 


Therefore, Algolia lets developers and business teams build and optimize engaging Search and Discovery experiences. This, in turn, improves online engagement, conversion rates, and revenue.


Algolia-Tech start up


Shape Therapeutics is a next-generation gene therapy platform. It enables the advancement of remedies in neurodegenerative disorders, oncology, metabolic, and rare genetic diseases. 


Hence, this includes redirecting the human cellular machinery already present in our cells, thereby avoiding risks of in vivo immunogenicity and permanent off-target damages generally associated with CRISPR-based technologies.



Shape Therapeutics


They are developing a transformative AI for real estate development. Space maker combines expertise from an extensive array of disciplines including architecture, mathematics, physics, machine learning, and optimization. 


They provide the user with a creative set of high-quality site suggestions. Hence, by implementing machine learning with reinforcing mechanisms across their system, Space maker improves their optimization algorithms after every run. 


Therefore, artificial intelligence will not replace construction planning, but when humans and machines come together, architects, engineers, and property developers can gain superpowers.





Demand for recycled plastic resins and products continues to increase globally. But the amount of PET waste from post-consumer beverages and water bottles still entering landfills in many countries is distressing. 


ASD transformed Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastics recycling industry through innovative recycling practices developed on the ethos to build a transparent and sustainable circular economy. 


So, they developed intelligent recycling initiatives that will eventually bring together customers, governments, and operators to work towards a shared goal while maintaining full transparency of the recycling process.


Advanced sustainable developments


PIX offers a one-stop solution with self-driving software and hardware stack, from drive-by-wire chassis, lot customization, manufacturing of vehicles to self-driving software integration. 


Therefore, with modular design and innovative production systems, PIX self-driving space enables flexible modification between several applications.


Therefore, these are autonomous sightseeing cars, self-driving shuttle vehicles, unattended vending cars, independent logistics cargo, multi-purpose self-driving rooms, and auto patrol cars. 


Hence, technical parks, public parks, scenic spots, parking lots, airports, residential communities, and shopping malls using PIX provide mobility services for clients.





Sensing technologies are becoming more accessible.  These use an integral component of the IoT from mobile phones to aerospace applications. 


Instruments Inc. is based on a new nano-wire sensing platform, which enables the measurement of temperature, velocity, and humidity in a speedier, cheaper, and smaller footprint compared to traditional measuring techniques. 


So, Instruments sensors have the potential to replace conventional sensors in modern applications as well to allow a broad range of latest sensor-driven applications.


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