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Sarona Asset Management

Sarona Asset Management (‘Sarona’) is a private investment company that invests growth capital in private equity funds, private debt funds, and businesses in Global Growth Markets. Their specific emphasis is on small to mid-market companies. These markets meet the increasing needs of raising low-and middle-class populations. Their aim is to generate top-quality financial returns by […]

red fort capital

Red Fort Capital

Red Fort Capital is a financial services firm specialized in real estate, emerging markets, and private equity. The company works with institutional investors, including international investment firms, insurance, and sovereign wealth funds. It’s part of the Redfort Capital Group. The Group has made more than 30 + deals in India and managed a stake of […]

lumis partners

Lumis Partners

Lumis Partners is an established investment firm. It is located in Gurgaon, India, and was founded in 2006. It aims to invest in non-listed companies located in India and the United States. The firm also operates in the human capital and educational services, supply chain management, consulting, and technology sectors. The firm partners with entrepreneurs, […]

Headland Capital Partners

Headland Capital Partners Limited (HSBC Private Equity Asia)

Headland Capital Partners Limited is a private equity and venture capital company. It specializes in early, mid-and late-stage venture capital, mid-market capital development. The firm also focuses on emerging growth, business restructuring, buy-out, and debt financing investment. Headland Capital Partners private equity funds plan is to invest in the consumer goods and services, the automotive […]

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