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Venture Capital Funding

ALCOR Venture Capital pioneered the risk mitigated investment approach. We partner with disruptive founders, high-growth visionaries, and super-track their businesses into the market through our platform to scale and build highly efficient commercialization processes to grow faster on little dilution.

ALCOR is one of the leading private venture capital firms. We create an outstanding impact for our investors, employees, companies, and the societies in which we live. Our risk mitigated approach creates exceptional value for our investors and businesses. We leverage our risk-reduced venture capital firm and shared platform. We use this leverage to capture and build value through opportunities for budding founders. With offices in four continents, our global team aligns our interests with our investors for lasting impact.

Our unique and differentiated strategy ensures that all businesses go through different stages of growth. We leverage our global reach to access  partners, networks, and customers. Also, this global outreach is critical for the business to scale and grow.

ALCOR’s relationship with more than 3000 venture capital firms ensures that we can get you the funds from multiple funds. We also offer many strategies and perspectives to provide businesses with exceptional growth potential. ALCOR operates at the level of creative and business risk mitigation. We work closely with management teams to create a tremendous impact and garner reliable results.

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Startup Business Idea Funding

Do you have a business idea that can make you a millionaire?

Check out the commercial feasibility through our AI integrated platform that analyzed more than 200,000 companies and opened the door to 9000 global investors who could potentially invest in your idea.

If you are prepping up to make your first-ever funding appeal,

find out if you qualify!

We give financial wings to your business ideas!

Our reports evaluate your business and commercial viability on more than 40 parameters from the investor’s perspective and help you leverage your business with an in-depth gap analysis and recommendations.

Our risk analysis scores, including the value proposition, market research, product, team, and customers, help you take preventive measures to avoid potential stumbling blocks in your fundraising journey. In addition, get funding scores and in-depth analysis of your profitability, revenue generation, industry analysis, yearly growth analysis, and more to calculate your funding amount objectively.

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Private Equity Funding

ALCOR private equity firm uses a leading and respected platform for risk reduction. The firm also empowers founders and businesses to grow their companies at all stages. Our global platform operations across 20 countries help promoters and businesses access our global networks. Our worldwide network consists of private equity firms, business relationships, and customers. We also provide access as we know they are critical to help scale and grow globally. Our private equity funding team has all it takes to provide your business with strategic resources. These resources will make your company thrive and grow.

How we do this

  • We draw from strategic and operational insights from investments made in PE
  • Leverage on our team’s in-depth industry and functional expertise with PE funding
  • Relationships with more than 1000 Private Equity funds in key business growth sectors
  • Access to global capital from investors in more than 60 countries
  • Instant report on risk assessment
  • Accurate PE funding score
  • Professional guidance on gap analysis.

We also work with the brightest minds and experts globally to achieve all this. We also work side by side with global private equity investors.

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An acquisition could be the defining moment in any corporate’s life. It is a time when we provide proper advice and support through our acquisition consultant. ALCOR takes on the challenges these types of transactions bring to give your business. We are helping you to achieve synergies for a growth market. We also provide merger and acquisition advisory for merger and acquisition firms to achieve their business goals.

ALCOR Global Investment Bank provides customized solutions for a range of transactions such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Sell-side, and Buy-side advisory. We also offer solutions to MBOs, LBOs, Joint Ventures, and Strategic Alliances. ALCOR provides unbiased, tested, and highly qualified support to help clients get the most value from their purchases.

Acquisition Consultant

As seasoned Acquisition Consultants, Investment Bankers, and Advisors, we provide merger and acquisition consultancy. We also work with you for a minimum of five years to build long-term relationships. We fully understand your business needs and make your goals our top priority. ALCOR works with clients to define its core growth strategy. Consequently, it helps set the parameters for outbound acquisitions (domestic and international) to foster their growth.

ALCOR conducts its global search by identifying and assessing suitable acquisition targets. In addition, we perform a merger and acquisition analysis of the synergies between the companies and the commercial terms.

Besides, we work on scenario mapping and create the best value for our clients. They can also choose from various models of mergers and acquisitions. Also, we always deliver the best value for money invested for our clients.

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Debt Funding

ALCOR Fund is one of the leading asset alternative investment firms. Our global team aligns investors and partners for lasting impact by creating win-win takeaways. ALCOR debt advisors have successfully advised companies with their debt fund needs giving them support for long-term growth.

It would be best if you had a debt advisor with global debt funds knowledge regarding debt financing. The debt advisor will take you through the process. Our top-notch and experienced relationship bankers’ team can provide debt funds. They offer debt funds through our collaborative approach and a culture of “can do.” Our team of debt fund advisors implements this by raising debt funds for short-term and long-term needs.

ALCOR’s debt fund analysts and negotiators also have extensive experience analyzing a client’s debt requirements. They also prepare an appropriate strategy to secure debt funding. ALCOR negotiates the most favorable terms possible. Our debt advisory team has global relationships with 2000 debt funds and banking institutions across 20 countries.

We do not just make deals. We build great value and excellent business relationships.

ALCOR’s Investment Bank team and debt advisors can help you with innovative solutions in securing debt funds. You are just one click away from securing your debt fund.

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M&A- Global Exits

Our team of experts helps build an optimal exit plan for your company. We are creating an exit plan by assessing your intangible values and the current trends in the industry. The market conditions and business cycles are also considered for evaluation. Our Company Sell-Side advisory also helps you reach potential clients and make your exit a profitable process. We are helping you to sell your company at a better price.

The ALCOR team of experts draws on their years of experience with hundreds of deals and global partnerships. We also have experience and in-depth knowledge of the investment market to help businesses negotiate for sale. So, we are helping you meet your business goals. ALCOR’s Investment Banking staff supports our clients through Company Sell-Side advisory, holding talks on their behalf, and providing objective advice on the quality of bids.

Our team of experienced Harvard-trained negotiators and Company Sell-Side advisory also help to create a win for the clients. They create multiple models for clients to have outstanding success. They also develop structures to bring in the best value for the clients. With ALCOR, you stand at an advantage. The following points will answer how you would be in a position with ALCOR.

  • Access to Harvard-trained negotiators and company sell-side advisory.
  • Free assessment report on how to get the super-premium value for your company.
  • Global reach to investors and potential buyers of the company worldwide.
  • Availability of finance through our Investment bank.
  • Reduced risk because you are working with the brightest minds from all around the world.
  • Transactions that are highly complex and require thorough negotiations.

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