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Test Your Startup Investability

To Raise Funding Successfully,
Evaluate and Mitigate Your Business Risks.

Leverage The Only Risk Assessment Report That Matters

Accessibility To Global Investors

With a growing presence in 20+ countries, gain access to our network of 9,000+ global investors investing across industries.

Artificial Intelligence Analysis

Built from combining our expertise in global markets and access to industry data, gain an objective and accurate business risk analysis.

Expert Guidance

With 10+ years of experience funding startups around the globe, receive advisory counsel from our Harvard trained business specialists, at every stage of your fundraising journey.

An Assessment Report To Secure Investor Funding.

Business Risks

Identify 40+ critical risks your business faces from investors’ perspective and take corrective steps to mitigate future risks.

Startup Valuation:

With critical risks mitigated, leverage negotiations to your favour by securing 1.5x – 3x the original business valuation.

Growth Hacking:

With 10+ years of experience funding startups around the globe, receive advisory counsel from our Harvard trained business specialists, at every stage of your fundraising journey.
Post assessment, if your business gains a 75% or higher Startup Readiness Score, you’re in the big leagues! Such a score not only attracts investors but can tip the odds of your startup’s valuation in your favour.
Take the AI Risk Assessment Investability Report now to identify a wider perspective of your market standing, pitfalls and risks you can pivot from, and to never again struggle to raise funding.

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**This is a Sample report with only 10 parameters and it does not approve or guarantee funding

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Are you Startup Ready?

Don’t waste this opportunity to check your
Startup Readiness Score and see who can invest in your business!

Take the Artificial Intelligence Business Risk Assessment to see your company’s “Investability” and Investor Attractiveness!!

The higher the score, the better is the valuation, which in return attracts 9000+ global investors, ready to invest!

The Best Assessment Structure with AI Technology

Our reports evaluate your business on 40+ parameters important to investors, with detailed gap analysis and instant recommendations. From profitability to market fit to initial traction, our funding score determines your business’ preparedness to raise funds and to objectively calculate your funding capacity

Mitigate Your Business Risks

Our Risk Analysis Scores help you identify and mitigate elements of risk in key areas of your startup, from developing opportunities, growth strategies and launching to perfecting your finance and pitch, securing you a 90% higher chance of a successful investor fundraise

Our Process

Step 1

Submit Pitchbook

Step 2


Step 3

AI- Enabled Evaluation

Step 4

Due Diligence

Step 5

Deal Negotiation and Funding

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Take the AI risk assessment BELOW and Gear up to raise Funds with us!!

AI Risk Assessment Process

Step 1


Click on the Buy Report button below to register with your contact details like email, phone, company name, website, type of funding, amount of funding, etc.

Step 2


We charge a nominal fee of $385, for the artificial intelligence risk assessment. For your security, a high-end firewall and secure payment gateway have been implemented.

Step 3


Once we receive your payment, you will be a registered user with Alcor, and the AI risk assessment will be unlocked. You will now need to fill out the objective questionnaire to assess your start-up/business on 45 parameters.

Step 4

Report Generation

Submit your Investability Analysis Assessment. Your report generation process will begin. Our team of experts will conduct an in-depth study on your report and our customer success manager will reach out to you in the next 24 hours.  

AI Risk Assessment

Investability Analysis Report

Price: $385

Parameters included:

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**This is a free report and does not approve or guarantee funding**

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