How not to FCUK your Startup with 10 Entrepreneurial Blunders

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On how being an entrepreneur is risky business and every failure is a part of success. If you’re committed to being a successful entrepreneur you will need to take risks to both start, and grow, your business.

Get funded in 4 easy steps

Our venture capital risk mitigation approach assesses your startup on key elements to successfully fund in 45 days.

** Terms and Conditions Apply, subject to due diligence, approvals, and clearances**

Step 1


A brief preliminary call and a detailed risk assessment with Alcor’s expert to understand and analyse your fund-raising requirements. 

Step 2

AI- Enabled Evaluation

Our AI-based venture capital feasibility tool will analyse your business potential and it’s risks on key metrics to ascertain your funding potential.

Step 3

Due Diligence

A detailed examination of all legal, regulatory and financial documents to authenticate your business probability.

Step 4

Deal Negotiation and Funding

The terms of the deal are negotiated transparently and confidentially to finalize a beneficial deal for both parties and agree upon a  final funding amount. 

AI-based Pre-Screening for shorter funding cycle and higher valuation

Investor analysis score

Analysis from investors’ perspective on 40 parameters to figure out your funding potential.

Risk analysis

Analyze your risk on 3 levels of Market, Customer, and Execution to mitigate and present a convincing growth prospect for the next decade.

Financial preparedness

The financial prospects of revenue, budget, cash burn and profitability will help analyze investors on the expected return and lock-in period.

Potential funds from 3 different geographies

Based on the overall score and your funding requirement the system filters out prospective investors to begin your funding journey.

Got a great disruptive startup idea?

Our mentorship program ensures you are guided on the lean startup methodology to attain your first breakthrough success.


A brief preliminary call and a detailed risk assessment with Alcor’s expert to understand and analyse your startup and  fund-raising requirements.


Sign an NDA, take our AI-based assessment  and mentoring  to mitigate your startup  risks and improve your seed-funding chances.


We introduce you to prospective global investors from our network, based on your assessment reports, scores, and pitch.


Get funded fast to build your dream company.

** Terms and Conditions Apply, subject to due diligence, approvals, and clearances**

Our team of Great Thinkers

Diverse Background

Our leadership team comes from a diverse background of industries and mentorship spanning across 8 countries.

Wide Experience

Having serial entrepreneurs and investors onboard gives us the expertise to guide you  through your funding journey.

George Molakal
Art Holbrook
Relevant Connections

5,000 and growing

Access deep industry and CEX level contacts of global investors across 80 sectors.

Global Funds

Across 20+ countries

Our relationships span over oceans, industries, and cultures to connect the right capital funds with the right business

Capital Resources

Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Debt Funds

With 1000 PE, 2000 Venture Capital, 5000+ Angel Investors, 500 banks, and 2000 debt funds, we invest and stick with smart startups at every stage of their growth.


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