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Validate Business Potential with High Funding Scores

Our reports evaluate your business on 40+ parameters important to investors, with detailed gap analysis and instant recommendations. From profitability to market fit to initial traction, our funding score determines your business’ preparedness to raise funds and to objectively calculate your funding capacity

Mitigate Your Business Risks

Key to get high value Investors

Our Risk Analysis Scores help you identify and mitigate elements of risk in key areas of your startup, from developing opportunities, growth strategies, and launching to perfecting your finance and pitch, securing you a 90% higher chance of a successful investor fundraise

Identify Global Investors and Pitch for Global Investments

Our Industry codes and regions identifies Global Investors who have invested in transactions similar to yours in the recent past. With our business analysis reports and funding scores, improve your investor pitch, and take advantage of our rapidly growing network of over 5,000 global investors

Uses of Report

Curated by Leading Experts

Leverage the knowledge, experience, and networks of Harvard graduated industry experts to validate your business’ worth, growth metric, and attract global investments.

Value your business and mitigate risk

Our in-depth valuation tool merits your startup’s commercial viability on 50+ risk analysis parameters to help you reduce pitfalls and achieve 10X growth.

Instant results on the go

Our business analysis, funding score, and valuation tools are easy to use survey-based assessments, that generate an instant result. Register your startup and access your reports anytime anywhere

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