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7 Best Ways To Protect Your Startup Business From The Inflation

7 Best Ways To Protect Your Startup Business From The Inflation

According to Global Data, the global inflation rate is forecasted to be 7.5% by 2022. This number is staggering if you compare it with 2021 when the global inflation rate was 3.4%. The impact of such an inflation rate is especially great for startup businesses. Inflation can cause prices of raw materials and other inputs to […]

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Step-by-Step Process to Create the Perfect Brand for Your Startup

Suppose you have had an idea for a profitable business. In that case, chances are, you have probably resorted to some freelance site. Or you had a friend with Illustrator draft up a couple of concepts for you as startup branding.   Suppose a startup decided to hire an agency to help them define their […]

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