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All About Startup Incubator

  • August 24, 2020
  • AF Bureau
Startup Incubator

A startup incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop. The incubator provides various services such as management training or office space. Startup incubators act as an instigator tool for the all-around development of startups.


What to expect?

For the duration of the program, the startup team will have unique opportunities to make connections. You may also find partners and get your first real customers.


Startup incubators can prove the most beneficial for businesses in the seed stages. But it is up to the team to make the most of this experience.


The primary skill you need to master is networking. So, connect with mentors and professionals who will always help you to step up your business.


One of the most prominent benefits of an incubator is the access it provides to a network of successful business partners. In other words, they may require substantial financial commitments to be part of your venture.


Therefore, most startups have restricted marketing and PR budgets. The overall exposure these networks offer is another advantage. Join networking events to make new connections and learn from other businesses.


Hence, to make these moments worthy, you need to prepare yourself. So, go with an open mind, be ready to listen, and have an elevator pitch about your startup.


Generally, among the most common incubator services are:


Functions of a Startup Incubator

Generally, among the most common incubator services are:


  • Help with business basics
  • Networking activities
  • Marketing assistance
  • Market Research
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Help with accounting/financial management
  • Access to loans, funds, and guarantee programs
  • Help with presentation skills
  • Links to higher education resources
  • Links to strategic partners
  • Access to angel investors or venture capital
  • Comprehensive business training programs
  • Advisory boards and mentors
  • Management team identification
  • Help with business etiquette
  • Technology commercialization assistance
  • Help with regulatory compliance
  • Intellectual property management


Some Popular Incubators

Here is our list of the 10 best startup incubators:



Is this for you?

Unlike many business assistance programs, startup incubators do not serve all companies. Hence, entrepreneurs who wish to enter a startup incubation program must apply for admission.


Acceptance criteria vary from program to program. Usually, only those with feasible business ideas are admitted. Moreover, a workable business plan is also a vital consideration.


Thus comparison of the success rates of incubated companies against general business survival statistics is difficult. Many incubators extend their client’s office space and shared administrative facilities.


In addition, more than half of incubation programs are virtual. However, these companies do not live in the incubator facility. Virtual clients may be home-based businesses or seed-stage companies.


So, they have their premises but can benefit from incubator services. Startup incubation programs are known for the services they provide to startup companies.


In other words, virtual clients receive counseling and other assistance electronically. In addition, the amount of time a company spends in an incubation program is variable.


Factors depend on the type of business and the entrepreneur’s level of expertise. Life science and similar firms need more time in an incubation program. Hence, this is because they have long research and development cycles.


Manufacturing or service companies immediately produce and bring a product or service to market. Usually, incubator clients spend around 33 months in a program.


Additionally, many incubation programs set graduation terms by various development benchmarks. Rather than time, they consider company revenues or staffing levels.



The startup incubator program is all about learning. Hence, make the most from your mentors in every single aspect. Learn about all topics related to startup creation. So, this is the moment to gain a general idea of the whole business.


Moreover, incubators offer opportunities to interact with successful mentors in your niche. In conclusion, you will learn a lot from their personal experiences.


Above all, making mistakes along the way to success is an expected part of the process. But mentors are there to help you avoid making similar ones they’ve made when they were just starting.

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